Sunday 8 January 2017


             This film isn't out until February in the US, so I'm quite surprised to find this film already out in Singapore. Anyway, the film itself is a pretty good watch, with some cool actions & visual effects. But the film does have its drawbacks, among them the dialogue, the characters & the overall plot.

              One of the things that actually stood out for me is the music/score from Ramin Djawadi. On one hand it says that Ramin Djawadi is a great composer, and its great to see another of his better works in here. But on the other hand, it means that the movie doesn't perform too well when it comes to the core elements of film (story, characters, etc). And for a director like Zhang Yimou, it is a bit underwhelming.

               However, to his credit, I do find the action scenes very enjoyable. And the visuals are pretty well done, too. And what people say about his cinematography and use of colour, I can see that in this film. And the movie has some humour too, throughout, so the film never got boring for me.

               But the film does have its drawbacks. The dialogue is one of them. Throughout the film, the dialogue sounded very cheesy and dull. It sounded more like what a 10-year old would say, and it spoonfeeds audiences with basic information. People like being shown, not told. But the dialogue became better towards the end, and it contributed to some of the humour, too. So its not all bad, but for the most part, they could have done better.

               The overall plot is also very basic, so there is nothing new about it. And none of the characters are memorable at all. Pedro Pascal is the only character which I like, but even so, that is only because of one or two humourous moments towards the end.

               As a whole, the film is a pretty good watch and its not a boring film. But there were a lot of cheesy moments, and there is a lot that this film can improve.

VERDICT: 65 / 100

               This is a film which I don't think I would immediately recommend. But I can say that if you are interested, this is not a bad film to catch.

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