Thursday 12 January 2017

Most Disappointing Movies of 2016

I am planning to do my annual best of the year list, but I thought I'll start off with the bad ones first...

And please know that I did not put "Worst" of the year as the topic, simply because these are not all terrible movies (disappointing, for sure) and I actively avoid those terrible movies out there...

That being said, the movies that disappointed me the most in 2016 are:

5. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

               You know that a movie is bad if the studio even decided to go against making the final movie in the series. The series had potential in the beginning, and I do like the first movie Divergent. But since then it has just got worse and worse with both Insurgent & Allegiant, and I find myself very much bored watching the latter. In a way, I am glad the series is over.

4. Suicide Squad

                  I had so much anticipation with this film, especially after all the brilliant & fun trailers that came out. But the movie itself just sucked. Mainly because the plot is so dull, the scenes are repetitive, and all the things that the characters do makes no sense at all. For my complete rant, you can read my spoiler talk of this film, but in any case, this film is a huge disappointment after the promises from the trailers.

3. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

                  This film has great action, and I can see why some people might like them. And it is a better movie than some of the other Michael Bay films. But I somehow find myself super bored in the middle section towards the end of the film. It really felt just like a video game with enemies coming wave after wave. I think I dozed off for a bit somewhere in the movie, and it really is very boring for me as person who highly values storytelling.

2. Inferno

                 Another collaboration between Ron Howard and Tom Hanks...and in the Dan Brown novel series, no less. You would have thought this would be another great film, but it is not. The Da Vinci Code (and Angels and Demons, to an extent) has some smart movie twist & revelation. In those films, there is some thrill to finding out the answers, and they are very intelligent films. Inferno doesn't have that. The plot is very basic, and so are the twists. And the movie spends a lot of time with the characters running (as if that's going to entertain us), and the opening 15 minutes of this movie is just plain bad. A disappointing movie in an otherwise good franchise.

Before I move on to number one, some quick dishonourable mentions to The Huntsman: Winter's WarMechanic: Resurrection & Assassin's Creed. And now, the award of Most Disappointing movie of 2016 goes to...

1. Independence Day: Resurgence

              The predecessor of this film wasn't super spectacular or anything, but it was a lot of fun, and it had some very cool & iconic moments, and great characters. All things need for a fun & great time at the movies. This sequel just dumps all that away. In Resurgence, the characters are dull, the plot is boring. The only thing I can praise is the aerial battle which is pretty cool, but otherwise I cannot care for the rest of the movie, because both the characters & plot are completely dull. They have just thrown storytelling down the drain and I hate this movie for it.

And there we go, now let's hope that 2017 will have less of these disappointments...

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