Saturday 14 January 2017

Best Movies of 2016 - Part 2

Part 2...

8. Kubo and the Two Strings

            The next animation movie in the list is the stop-motion animation film by Laika. I found the stop-motion a bit jarring at first, and I did not immediately buy into the voices of Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron. Their voices did not seem to fit the characters at first. But as the film goes and the story develops, I find myself more invested in these characters. The plot wasn't extraordinary or ground-breaking, but they did the basics right with the characters, and from there, it was easy to follow and feel for these characters, and it became an emotional journey with Kubo and his companions.

7. Arrival

                Arrival is a film I only got to watch recently, but it is a very good film with a powerful ending. I was left in awe thanks to the ending of this film. Apart from some parts of the plot which was left without a clear answer, the movie as a whole was a brilliant experience. The way that Denis Villeneuve shot the film made the scenes feel significant, and the pacing of the film was brilliant as we slowly learn about the extra-terrestrials. But it is mostly that unexpected & powerful ending that struck me. A very good & smart science-fiction movie for the modern audience.

6. Moana

               Another one of those Disney powerhouse. This film extends Disney's great record of brilliant films of a powerful female character going into her own adventure following the likes of Tangled & Frozen. Apart from one scene I don't quite like in the realm of monsters, this film is excellent in every single minute. I love the interactions between Moana & Maui, the heartful plot, and also, the brilliant songs. I can't stop listening to these songs for a few weeks after watching the film. Easily one of the best Disney movies in the last few years.

5. Zootopia

                I have to was neck-and-neck for me between Moana & Zootopia. I wanted to put them equal, but I think I gave the edge to Zootopia simply because of the smart plot & setting which reflects our own human society. Moana has its advantage in all the excellent original songs which I totally adore. But everything else, this film also kind of has. Brilliant character interactions, heartful plot, etc. But Zootopia manages to reflect human society in an animal world, and the plot is just very smart, I just had to give the slight edge to Zootopia.

4. Rogue One

                If I have to choose...I might say I personally love The Force Awakens more...but I admit that Rogue One is the better film. In any case, Rogue One is a really brilliant Star Wars film. If I have to mention some drawbacks, it would be that the characters are not too developed, and there are some scenes which I feel wasn't right for some of the characters. But these are minor nitpicks, and otherwise it is a really good film, and is a really different Star Wars film and I love to finally be able to see a proper war in a Star Wars film. 

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