Friday 30 December 2016

SPOILER TALK: Rogue One (Part 2)

Now, for the more plot related spoiler stuffs...



Episode IV Connections (Victory, Transmission)

            After watching Rogue One, I immediately went back to play Star Wars: A New Hope because it felt just right. And immediately I noticed the wordings in the opening crawl and I noticed something that really linked back properly to the events in Rogue One. And this is something I never really paid attention to.
            The crawl mentions of a victory of the Rebel Spaceships, in the midst of which the Death Star plans are stolen. This is clearly the battle of Scarif we just saw in Rogue One. But I just like how the film actually takes it word by word from the opening crawl and stick to the continuity of it. The crawl says that it is in this battle that the plans are stolen, and we know it is true that Jyn & Cassian stole this plan in the midst of this battle. Meanwhile, the crawl also mentions of some Rebel spaceships, and we know that in Rogue One, we do have a space battle outside the system (and not just a ground battle).
             Furthermore, as I watch along in A New Hope, I then only realized that Darth Vader made a mention of "transmissions being intercepted". I have never paid full attention of the word transmission, but now it makes perfect sense, given how Jyn had to transmit the plans instead of delivering it by hand. Everything just fits perfectly. And for that I am particularly impressed by the Rogue One writers and director for really sticking to the continuity of the original film.
              And finally, someone in the internet pointed out that in the Imperial Round-Table meeting with Tarkin and Vader, you can see several empty seats there. Could one of these be for Krennic?

Death Star weakness (Exhaust Port)

              This is also another one that makes more sense in Star Wars: A New Hope. We never actually really complained about it, but now this film is able to explain how there is small weakness in the Death Star (in the form of a thermal exhaust port) that can pull off a chain reaction that would immediately blow up the space station. Again, we never really complained about it, but now it makes total sense that Galen Erso had actually placed this small weakness on purpose so that the Rebels have a chance to stop this terrible weapon. A splendid move, indeed.

Episode V Connection?

               This is not so much a proper connection, but it is a very interesting observation. There is clearly a Rogue squadron in this film as you may notice in the Hoth system. And then when you look at the credits, you can see Rogue 2 to Rogue 4 are credited...but no Rogue 1...why??

Could the rebellion intentionally leave Rogue 1 unused in honour of the fallen heroes who stole the Death Star plans?
And if so, did the Rogue One writers/director pick this up? Or was it an unlikely coincidence?

Some Easter Eggs

                There is clearly a lot of Easter Eggs in this film, and I wouldn't be mentioning all of it here. But I have some of my favourites. One of which is that recurring line of "I have a bad feeling about this". I like the way it is pulled off (or, almost pulled off) in this film, with K-2SO beginning to say it but is then stopped by both Jyn & Cassian. I thought it was the perfect execution.
                Also, in the space battle at the end, there is one rebel using the code name Red Five. And of course, he died. Why? Because that code name later goes to be re-used in A New Hope by someone we know as Luke Skywalker...

Being an avid Star Wars fan, I could go on and on and there is probably a lot more to talk about, and especially once I re-watch the film again and again. But just to conclude, Rogue One may not be the best but this is a Star Wars film I really love, and I am happy to see the Star Wars universe keep on expanding (in stories, characters, worlds, etc), and I am happy to be able to experience the dream, and I look forward to more of these with upcoming SW films, starting with next year's Episode VIII...

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