Thursday 29 December 2016

SPOILER TALK: Rogue One (Part 1)

The first part of the SPOILER TALK will focus more on characters...meanwhile the second part will focus more on the plot details...



Let's start off with one of the biggest movie spoilers...

The characters who didn't make it out alive...

             Which in this film is pretty much everybody! You look at the main cast, and every single one of them didn't make it out. From Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor, to the likes of Saw Gerrera and villain Director Krennic. None of them made it out. Some people did mention that these characters all must die because they are nowhere to be seen in A New Hope. But I personally always believed that that is a weak assumption, and you can always have some characters survive and move to someplace different. wrong I am (in this particular case).
             Anyway, to talk about every single one of them would take too long. The death of Director Krennic was pretty poetic, given that the last thing he sees is the beam from the superweapon of his own creation. Meanwhile, I did not quite like the last moments of Jyn & Cassian...It didn't feelt right for these characters, but I won't complain. The rest of the team, on the other hand, pretty much dies somewhere in combat. Instead, the one death I feel quite sad of is in fact the droid, K-2SO. Its just the way that he takes all the blaster fires while he make one last statement to Cassian & Jyn, that gets me.

Characters from the Original Trilogy

               Of course, the appearance of these characters is very much a surprise for me, especially because the original actors who played these characters are either too old, or are no longer with us. Hence, my genuine surprise to see Governor Tarkin. It was a nice surprise because he is such an integral character to the story. But initially it was also a bit jarring for me, because the CGI of the character was really noticeable. In that first scene between Tarkin & Krennic, I was partially happy, but also partially distracted by the CGI of Tarkin. But as the movie wears on, it seems like it became less and less noticable. And in the end, I am pleased with the appearance of Tarkin because he is such an integral & significant character when it comes to the Death Star.
                Another character that made a minor cameo is in fact, Princess Leia herself. Same as Tarkin, there is CGI involved with this character, but I did not feel it noticeable. So it is either they did the CGI better in those scenes (apart from the first), or its that I have grown more accustomed to it. In any case, I personally feel that Leia's appearance is not actually necessary, but it is a nice touch that the movie ends with the plans in the hands of Princess Leia.
                Separately, Bail Organa is a character that appears (albeit from the Prequel Trilogy, instead), but it makes a nice connection to the franchise. Furthermore, it is nice that he made mention of one certain Jedi (SW fans would of course catch the mention of Obi-Wan Kenobi), and that he also mentioned of his upcoming travel to Alderaan (and we know what sadly happens afterwards).

And if we're talking about characters from the Original Trilogy, we of course, have to mention...

Darth Vader

              It is of course not a big surprise to know of Vader's appearance because of his reveal in the trailers. But the scenes he's in were really powerful. There is no explicit mention of this, but it does seem like the planet where he first meet Vader is Mustafar (yes, that one in Revenge of the Sith). The scene that follows with Krennic is a really powerful scene and really shows the Darth Vader that we know from the Original Trilogy. It was a brilliant scene, save one bad pun from the Sith Lord himself.
                The second one was just majestic & terrifying to witness at the same time. It must have been a scene that Star Wars fans have been dreaming to see - Darth Vader just wasting a bunch of rebel fighters using a combination of his Force powers and his lightsaber skills. Beginning with the ignition of his red lightsaber in the dark, and then just walking and wasting all the terrified rebels ahead of him. Imagine the terror you must feel being in that hallway. It is such a majestic scene, and really what Vader should have been like. Ruthless, menacing & terrifying - it is, for me, one of the best scenes ever in a Star Wars film. The perfect scene for the perfect villain!

Also, on a separate news, it is a sad time for all us SW fans to hear the passing of our dear friend Carrie Fisher. All our thoughts & condolences go to her family.

Anyway, second part of the SPOILER talk coming Tomorrow...

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