Saturday 10 December 2016

Best Movie Trailers of 2016 - Part 2.5

Special Post!!! My personal favourite trailer in recent memory...

I know my blog is supposed to be about movies, but I want to share one special video game trailer which I really adored. The game is called Death upcoming game by a gaming icon, Hideo Kojima.



              Truth be told, the above trailer isn't as much like the other trailers - as it is not really a collection of montage. It is more of a teaser footage really.

              And this trailer above, the first 2 minutes are a bit slow and just showcases the world it inhabits. But the final two minutes of this trailer is very simply...PERFECTION.

             Firstly, let me just quickly say that Mads Mikkelsen is one my favourite actors alive, and his involvement in this game has been speculated but not confirmed, until this trailer. And the best way ever to confirm some character or some actor's involvement is, in fact, through a trailer.

             Moreover, the way the character is revealed, as we go down the tunnel until we finally see some skeleton soldiers before we finally see the reveal of Mads' character, is brilliant. And his character looks so badass & awesome - really, really cool. I mean...just glorious, isn't he?

             And finally, as is the recurring theme about trailers, the music is key. And in this trailer, the music (in the final two minutes) that accompanies the reveal of Mads Mikkelsen is majestic - it is cool and haunting at the same time. It really is the perfect music! I have watched it over and over again and fell in love more and more...

           The final two minutes of this trailer is easily one of the BEST trailer moments I have ever seen!!
           This is not a movie trailer, nor it is a conventional montage trailer - but as an art, I cannot hold back my amazement and appreciation for that reveal!! 

           For this moment of brilliance, I reserve my special praise for Hideo Kojima, and he should happy to know that I am totally sold on this game now... 

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