Sunday 4 December 2016


          This was not a movie I had been excited for, nor had I been intentionally planning to see it. But as I had nothing better to do, I thought I'd give it a go - going in with a reasonably low expectation. But I went out finding the film pretty watchable. I enjoyed a few scenes, and found the rest of it watchable.

           Watchable isn't actually a positive statement - it just means that at least I don't find the film boring (unlike a few big budget blockbusters of the Year - I'm looking at you, ID: Resurgence). And the fact that this film is made on a small budget made me keep a low expectation and increased my tolerance level. In contrast, when you come to watch an ID: Resurgence, you'd expect much more. Anyway, this is not the time to rant about Resurgence.

              If I can put out one positive thing about this film, it would be the villain's appearance. I won't even put it in high regard, because the villain itself remains a pretty generic villain, but the look & sound of the character is pretty cool. So it is a small positive that this film can boast.

              Otherwise, I do acknowledge that this film has a very cheesy & generic plot. The plot device used to drive the story is pretty standard & expected, and even the resolutions are pretty weak. And the visual effects are definitely those of low quality VFX. But I can bear all this because I came in knowingly that I had walked into a low budget generic fantasy action flick.

               This surely doesn't mean that this a good film. Far from that. It just means that if you had come in with the awareness that I did and managed to lower your expectation, it is not a terrible film, and it is, as I said, watchable.

VERDICT: 45/100

              Worth the price of admission? Nope. Worth the time & travel? Nope. Worth to watch if it came up in Cable TV and you had nothing better to do and you can enjoy these low budget fantasy action flicks? Sure.

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