Friday 9 December 2016

Best Movie Trailers of 2016 - Part 2

            The teaser is actually pretty good, and it has a decent music. It was a bit standard, and has nothing special, but it works well in showing what to expect from this film (and what kind of visual effects this film has) and is a solid teaser trailer. The main trailer was much better. The music in the latter half of the trailer was really good, and it showed more in terms of story, action & effects. A really good main trailer that increased my excitement for the film itself.

6. The Nice Guys

Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:
Trailer 3:

              This first trailer also isn't too special, though it showcased some of the humour. The second and third trailer, meanwhile, are really good. There is a lot of humour, and they really fit to the rhythm of the song (Long Cool Woman). A very good trailer (both the second & third trailer) for a very good movie.

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:

              Being a spin-off of the Harry Potter films, it has the advantage of being able to use the original Harry Potter music in the trailer. And it did it brilliantly. I like the bit when that music came strong in the teaser trailer, and it also really gave us a feel of this new magical world, and of main protagonist Newt Scamander. The first trailer (which was released in Comic Con) showed a bit more of the plot & characters, but didn't really gave me too different a feel than the teaser trailer.
            The final trailer was much better. It didn't make too much use of the HP music, but still remains a very good trailer. The music is different, but brings about similar feels, and I really like it, to be perfectly honest. I personally prefer to hear this new music than a re-use of the HP music. A super, solid trailer.

4. Captain America: Civil War

Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:

             As usual, I have to always comment on the music. Whenever a trailer music is good, it has the basics to be a great trailer. This one has it. And to be perfectly honest, this first trailer isn't too flashy and doesn't feel too special. And it only shows some of the characters a bit of the plot, but is helped by an excellent trailer music.
              The second trailer, on the other hand, is much better. It clearly puts our two heroes into opposing sides, and really explains the point of view of each. From there, it builds up into more and more action (yes, with an excellent trailer music, too), and ends with a very special moment and cuts just at the perfect moment that leaves us wanting more. And don't forget about that sting with the (re-)introduction of a certain Marvel superhero.

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