Wednesday 7 December 2016

Best Movie Trailers of 2016 - Part 1

Trailers have always been a big part of the movie world...they are what gets people to be aware and more importantly, be excited about their films...

For some, trailers are viewed as an art on its own...a variety of scenes collected into one montage that provides viewers with a feel of the overall tone & plot of the movie - it is a skill not many have mastered...

Which is why some trailers are rather disappointing, but some of them, as below, are really good piece of entertainment on their own right...

Kindly Note:

1. These movie trailers listed below are based on movies that are out in 2016 (not necessarily the trailers themselves).

2. They are ranked purely from the trailers themselves, not the movies. The movies themselves may well be very bad, for all you know.

3. ALL the trailers that is released for a movie is considered (hence, a movie with two excellent trailers will be ranked higher than if only one of them is good). However, I will only consider full length trailers...not those one minute trailers.

Best Movie Trailers of 2016:

10. Star Trek Beyond

Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:

            A lot of people didn't really like the first trailer, but it was okay for me, personally. But it is the second trailer that really got me. It will be the first time I mention this, but you will see this statement over and over again...the music is critical to a trailer. And this second trailer started of with an excellent piece of music that set the tone for the remainder of the trailer. And what follows is a nice montage of action that shows what a Star Trek movie is all about.

9. The Legend of Tarzan

Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:

            It is the rare occasion where the first trailer, for me, was better than the second. It had great music, and was a nice collection of scenes of the movie. The second one started a bit slow with more of the background of the character, but ended quite nicely with a quite good music piece, too. But the first trailer stood out more for me, and I personally liked that one better.

8. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:

              The teaser was a bit simple but it was a teaser that came out almost a year before the release of the movie, so as a teaser, it was really good. It gave us glimpses and what the tone of the film is. The second trailer was also really good, and accompanied with an excellent music in the final minute of the trailer. The last trailer would have been quite good as well, with a nice music. The only drawback is that spoiler it had to give away. It would have been much better without the reveal of a certain monster.

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