Saturday 1 October 2016


"I seek righteousness...but I'll take revenge"

            Now, I really can't wait for the better big budget blockbusters to return. This film is not that bad, but it doesn't really have anything to offer. It has good action sequences, some humour scattered throughout, and some interesting characters (to a certain extent) - which is why this film doesn't become boring - but it doesn't offer anything else. Even the plot is generic.

              Let me start with the positives. The film does have exciting action sequences - especially the final battle. There is never any doubt that Antoine Fuqua is a brilliant action director. And the film has some humour throughout - and to have some laughs is always a positive point. And before I get to characters, let me just additionally say that the only other good thing this film has is a great score - which is partially done by the late James Horner.

              Now, characters. In my humble opinion, characters are a key aspect of a film. Any film which has characters that are brilliantly crafted (and introduced) are guaranteed to not be boring, because we will be invested & locked on to the characters - as is the case with Kubo. The Magnificent Seven has some rather interesting characters...but the film does not play to it. The film doesn't have scenes that really plays to the uniqueness of the characters and in the end, none of these characters felt memorable. And that is quite a pity - there is potential for interesting characters (and more importantly, character interactions & dynamics), but the film just let it slide by...

             And apart from not capitalizing on the distinct characters and the brilliant actors in their disposal, the film also lacks an interesting plot. The plot is super generic and utterly predictable. It is exactly what you think will happen, and it all plays out as anyone can expect. To make it worse, the film is a bit too long. When there is no action, there is simply nothing much to enjoy.

             Which is why, in the end, it is kind of a pity when a film has this much potential but didn't play to its strengths. Again, it is not a boring film - but apart from the action, it has nothing else to offer.

VERDICT: 47/100

            I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone - unless you're badly in need for a cinematic entertainment (like I was)'s not boring...but it's not really worth the trip and the price of admission...

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