Saturday 22 October 2016


          I went into this film expecting a generic action movie. And while that is kind of what I got...I have to say, I really enjoyed it. There's some cool action sequences, some good character dynamics (emphasis on the word some), and there's a bit of humour & drama here and there, too.

          The action sequences in this film are pretty cool. It is much like in the first Jack Reacher film, with a lot of raw punches & kicks all around. And I think there's just something about Tom Cruise in a fight scene. And I have to give credit to Henry Jackman for a decent score that quite enhances the tone of the action.

          The plot is probably what lets down the film a bit. The overall story is generic & predictable. And then even some of the scenes actually fall to generic movie cliches - and some of the resolution or events that happen feels a little too convenient. But on the other side of that, I have to give credit that some of the scenes actually do feel quite intense as well.

Thanks to this movie, I may be setting a record for the number of "some" being used...

            As mentioned, some of the character dynamics were interesting to watch - and these would be the ones among the main protagonists - which brings a little family drama feel to an otherwise raw & fast-paced action flick. With these characters, there's a bit of humour & drama between them, too. But, the other characters were rather dull & unmemorable.

             However, I still maintain that I do enjoy this film. It is not great or memorable in any way, but there is nothing that really is bad, either. It is simply an enjoyable action flick.

VERDICT: 68/100

            A solid (albeit generic) action movie - if you ever want one.

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