Sunday 16 October 2016


"I left you a path...Inferno is at the end"

              After recently re-watching The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, I expect more of the same (mystery, problem solving, thrills, etc) from this film. But, I ended up with less. It is by no means a bad film, but it lacks the smart problem solving & intense thrills of its predecessors. The action and the plot is fine, but everything else is kind of a letdown.

             This film seems to have more focus on the action rather than the mystery - which is a pity. I liked the predecessors of this film for its emphasis on trying to figure out the situation and solving the puzzle in hand. But, this film always goes back to an action sequence in every single location - to make it worse, its all just running & chasing.

             And the puzzle solving in this film feels a little too easy. There is no suspense or mystery whatsoever. I still remember how the revelations play out little by little in The Da Vinci Code - especially like that moment when Sir Ian McKellen's character was explaining about The Holy Grail, or like in the end when Tom Hanks' Robert Langdon finally solves the location of the grail. I don't get that kind of feeling in this film.

            The overarching plot is actually not too bad. And the main twist (while generic & predictable) works fine for the story. But they sacrifice the mystery element and the intense thrills for the sake of action. 

           And somehow I can't appreciate too much of Ron Howard's directing this time around - especially when I consider his overuse of the screech & blur to put us in Langdon's confused point of view. A little bit is a fine, but overusing it is not nice. And even Hans Zimmer's music (to my own sadness) doesn't stand out - apart from the end credits which I believe is the same music from the first film.

            In the end, the film to me drops to the level of a generic action thriller. It no longer has the intense thrills or the smart mystery & problem solving of its predecessors. Quite a let down.

VERDICT: 45/100

           It is a pity when I can't recommend a Ron Howard/Tom Hanks film - but that is the reality with this film. It is not the worst movie if you want to go catch one in the theatres this week. But I can't recommend it.

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