Thursday 27 October 2016

Most Anticipated of 2017 - Part 2.5 (Honourable Mentions & Big Name Misses)

Before I jump into my Top 3...

Honourable Mentions:

             These are the films that were just unlucky to not make it to the Top 10...for the simple reason that there are 10 other movies I look forward to more.
            In the order of the release, first up is Wonder Woman. And please hear me out before you make any quick judgment. This is not a "female" thing, fact, it is one of the reasons why I really want to watch this film. But, story-wise, the film doesn't seem to offer a lot. The trailer (from Comic Con) show some great action, but didn't really hook me in in terms of story & characters. And that's my only concern - is that they will forsake plot for spectacle. Otherwise, I am so looking forward to this film, and as such, just barely misses out my Top 10.
            This next film is a film I have heard no other news or anything about...but if they stick to schedule, we should have Cars 3 in June of 2017. And I know a lot of people don't really like the Cars franchise (especially Cars 2), but I have to admit...I personally love them. So, irrespective of whether it'll be good or not, I really anticipate Cars 3, whenever it arrives.
               The other film that just barely missed out is Spider-Man: Homecoming. The titular character is arguably the best character introduced in Captain America: Civil War (emphasis on the word arguably...because for me personally, it was Black Panther). And with the addition of some great cast, it is shaping up to be another great entry in the MCU. But a plot that revolves around Peter Parker's high-school life - interesting, but not really what I'm clamouring for right now.
           Otherwise, these are some very excellent-looking movies to look out for in 2017...

Big Name Misses:

            Meanwhile, these would be films that are big titles that fails (but not that closely) to make my Top 10.
           Similarly, in the order of the release date, first up is John Wick: Chapter 2. I know a lot of people (and even critics, too) loved, or at least, appreciated John Wick for its action sequences. But I found the film bit boring & generic. So, with this sequel, I am definitely interested but I don't see it as anything more than another cool action movie.
             Next up is Kong: Skull Island. This seriously would have easily made my Top 10. But then the trailer dropped (in Comic Con) and I am seeing a lot of problems - not least of which is the look & size of Kong himself. Here's hoping the film proves me wrong...
            Then, in April, we have Fast 8. Yep, its number 8, already. The previous seven films have some hits and misses between them. Number Six was stellar & my personal favourite. Five was great, too. But Seven was very messy and I didn't quite like it. And with number Eight, I'm not sure what else they have to offer. I enjoy the franchise and their films, but they don't seem to have anything that would make me clamour for another entry in the franchise.
             Next, The Mummy. Universal's first movie in their Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe has a lot of big names to carry their franchise. But being the first film in the franchise and most likely telling an origin story makes this film less appealing (as compared to sequels). Well, at least we have Tom Cruise, I suppose?
              In that same month, we also have Transformers: The Last Knight. I know, I know. I understand that this franchise hasn't really shun, and hence, it very easily misses out on my list. That being said, I am going to stand by my opinion and I have to say I do enjoy the films in the franchise (especially the latest one: Age of Extinction). But, I know better than to expect too much from this series.
            Finally, we also have Despicable Me 3 - if they do still plan to release it in June 2017. If there is one thing I know this film will deliver - it is the laughs. But, as like the other films above, I am a bit concerned as to what else this film has to offer that we haven't seen before. The first film was spectacular and had a heartful story. The second one, not quite. Let's see if the third can bring up something new.

Top 3 up next...

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