Tuesday 8 March 2016


"No matter what type of animal you are...change starts with you"

          I am seriously trying not to stereotype Disney animation movies as ever-so-brilliant, but this film is honestly brilliant. I will perhaps be one of the few relieved faces when a Disney animation film comes out being so-so or not so good, because then I'll have something different to write. But back about the film...Zootopia is brilliant! Not as mind-blowing as Inside Out was, but every aspect of the film is executed brilliantly. While Gods of Egypt is poorly done in every single aspect...Zootopia is the opposite.

          Firstly, I just want to talk about the idea/concept for a little bit. The concept of the film plays with the idea that animals can live in a city just like humans do, involving things like trains, iphones, apartments...mayors, polices, mafias...its a brilliant concept to be honest, and how it mirrors the reality of our real lives is smartly reflected in this film. Funnily, to me, the idea didn't feel that groundbreaking, but if I had to look back, I can't recall any film using this concept before. In any case, the best thing about this film is that it is executed perfectly such that seeing these animals do the things we do is both hilarious and smart.

          And 'smart' is indeed the best word to describe this film. The plot is the aspect I'd really like to commend. Especially during the latter half of the film, how things unfold and its outcome is very smartly done. I personally love the final climactic scene...which I won't spoil here, but it really is smart, as far as the plot goes.

            One of the other thing that really stands out to me is the relationship between the two main characters, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) & Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). How they learn about each other throughout the film, and most importantly, learn to trust each other, is brilliant. And then there's the occasional banter - with the carrot pen, and the name calling, etc - which is just excellent to watch.

            And even after all this, everything else within the film is brilliantly done. The humour is great, the drama is there...and more importantly, the moral message is there, too. Oh, and I really love that song as well...'Try Everything' from Shakira. Brilliant song! 

           As I said before, this film is not too mind-blowing, but not to say its not memorable. In fact, it is...and I love the film...and I wouldn't get bored watching this film over and over. So, its safe to say that I really recommend you all to watch Zootopia.

(Oh, and after the Verdict/Score, there will be a spoiler paragraph...so don't proceed below that if you haven't seen the film)



           I just want to share with you why I particularly love the final climactic scene...in the museum bit where Bellwether hit Nick with a blueberry. Firstly, I love the fact that they made use of the recording feature of the carrot pen...which has been an item of back-and-forth banter between Judy & Nick. And using this to beat the main culprit is just a brilliant move. And secondly, after thinking about it again, it was brilliant that Nick had decided to fake the savagery. Because in doing that, Bellwether somehow feels secure enough to blabber about her secrets & plans, with the thought that Judy was never going to make it out of there, anyway. So, its a very brilliant scene, and the resolution of it was just brilliantly & perfectly executed. I am totally in awe and amazed of this particular scene. Brilliant!

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