Friday 18 March 2016


"How about you spare me the chit-chat?"

          This franchise shows no signs of slowing down. This third film isn't as memorable as the first two films, but I really still thoroughly enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 3. It is still a very solid animation flick for a variety of audiences (in other, teens & adults altogether will enjoy this film). Its funny, its action packed, and it has heart, as well.

          From start to end, it really is a thoroughly enjoyable film. It brings back all the good qualities that made this series successful in the first place. And probably the best thing about this film is that it knows its characters well, and it brings them back as how we remember them. Po is still very simple-minded & grounded, and we love seeing him like that. He's still very easily surprised, and its fun to see that. Master Shifu is still wise-yet-playful, and he really is one of the funniest characters in the film.

           So, its these characters and characterization that really brings the best out of this film, and even without anything groundbreaking really happening, its still fun to see how these character deal & react to different situations...humorously, too, most of the time. This film is not afraid to have the most fun out of every situation, and that's what makes it entertaining.

            The only thing I find lacking is the plot itself. Its very predictable and it seems to run out of ideas on how the scenes should play out. Its still funny & enjoyable, but story-wise, it feels like nothing new. But on a broader level, the story acknowledges what happens in the first two films, and then drives the story from there. And for Po, at least, it puts him into some rather new places & situations for him to deal with. Also, there is heart in how things played out in the end.

            In the end, it isn't the most spectacular or memorable of films, but it is still a solid entry in the franchise, especially following the first two films. It lacks slightly in plot, but its best strengths come from the characters (and characterization), and most importantly, how it just tries to have the most fun of every situation...even with the most wisest of characters. A solid & entertaining animation flick.


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