Saturday 12 March 2016


"An attack...has decimated the British Capital"

          Its that kind of film again. You know...the typical fun but brainless action film. It won't be hard to mention what went wrong with this film...or the things it just lacks. But it really is fun when it should be so I won't be complaining like crazy. There's a lot it can improve on, though, but it doesn't make it an unwatchable film.

          So, the plot. Straightforward and mindless. I think even you and I here wouldn't have a hard time writing this film. And every scene in the film is nothing you've never seen in an action film before. And honestly, the film lacks characterization. Every character you see is either a good guy or a bad guy. There's no two-dimensional know, like one that's conflicted or have some sort of character development in the film. None of those.

          And while the action sequences are not bad, the visual effects...are. Oh, don't get me started about the visual effects...well, actually, I will. Its poorly done. And unfortunately, in the first half of the film a lot of these are required. There are big scale events, but it just makes it that much more visibly poor. But when these are not glaringly obvious, the action sequences are actually good enough. 

           Especially for one particular scene towards the end...which is a shootout in the streets...and I particularly liked it because it employs a tracking shot. A long continuous shot following the main character, which I have to say, in this case, it is brilliantly done. All the more impressive is that a cool firefight is involved in the scene. Sometimes tracking shots deserved commendments, and in this case, it really is excellently done. And I loved it.

           In the end, its a very fun yet mindless action film. Its so easy to say that if you enjoy fast-paced, mindless action films, then this film is for you. If you need a smart plot or characters to get you engaged, then this might not be. Me, personally, I wouldn't particularly say its good, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.


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