Friday 4 March 2016


"Are you sure you're not a god?

          I need to accept the fact that this is still early in the year where the films are mostly not high-profile or established blockbusters. This film was criticised all over the place when the trailer came out. Yet, now, the film itself didn't even prove any of it wrong. The only positive I can think of is...well, probably one of the action sequences...and a bit of humour...a bit. Everything else about this film is just a gigantic mess. Oh, and at least I get to see the teaser trailer of X-Men: Apocalypse...a trailer I've seen 50 times over. (Although, trailers are indeed more amazing to see in the big screen).

           I'm not sure where to start now, because everything in this film went wrong. Let's start with the plot, one of the most crucial thing to a film. The plot in this film is totally incoherent. A lot of the scenes doesn't feel connected or even necessary to the plot. Usually a subplot contributes to the main story, but not in here. I don't even understand why some of the characters or some scenes even need to exist. Perhaps, just to fill in the time??

          The action sequences are bad. The visual effects are so poorly done. Like, very poor. Worse than some of the TV series I have seen (like The Flash). And then there's the camera angle. Too many spinning shots, and the quick jumps don't help, either. This makes from some very cringeworthy battle to witness. Except for one action sequence where I have to admit I find rather entertaining (when they battle in the air with a spear that fires beams). But then when there are no action going on, the dialogues are poor. Very cheesy & typical dialogues. And in scenes where you'd expect some suspense or mystery, they didn't bring it to the scene. Everything just conveniently happens, and nothing makes sense.

          There is the occasional bit of humour that works. But most of the characters are very one-dimensional. The actors didn't do a bloody good job at all. Except one Chadwick Boseman, whose character, Thoth, came out pretty interesting, but due to the poor plot, never really takes the stage.

          Honestly, when I watched the film, it wasn't as terribly bad as my comments above suggests...but all aspects of the film are just poorly done. I didn't get terribly disappointed because I knew this was always going to be a guilty pleasure's just a poorly executed one. It's so sad when the best thing you take away after walking out of the theatre is the fact that you managed to see the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer on the big screen.


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