Saturday 30 December 2017

SPOILER TALK: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Part 2)



Supreme Leader Snoke

               Well, surely Snoke would be the big bad of the whole trilogy, and we would get to know more of his backstory and who he was in this film. Well, to quote Luke Skywalker, every word in that sentence was wrong. There was no clue at all as who he was before, how he gets his powers, etc. But more importantly, he is now dead as we see Kylo Ren kill him instead of Rey. This is totally not what I thought would have happened at all.

Kylo Ren & Rey

               And for a second, I was curious (and nervous) to think that Kylo Ren is turning good. Though then of course he made clear his intention of ruling the First Order as the new Supreme Leader, and it seems to carve a path to him being the real big bad of this trilogy.

               But before we get there, can we spare some time to cherish and admire that action sequence where Kylo Ren & Rey teams up to fend off Snoke's Royal Guards. That could well be the best action sequence I have ever seen in a Star Wars film. It had excellent choreography, but more importantly, there was an intensity & realism to it. It was not just smooth & beautiful moves like we see in the prequels (though I enjoyed those), but you can see in the Royal Guards that they are trying hard to find ways to beat Kylo Ren & Rey, and vice versa. And of course, that final blow by Kylo Ren was just slick. Easily the best action sequence I have seen in a while now.

Episode IX

               So, what next for episode 9? Of course, if there is one thing I have learned from this film, is that a Star Wars film is never predictable. That being said, I can think of a few things that are likely to happen, or at least I would like to see happen.

                The first of which is something we didn't see between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi...and that is a time jump. The ending of this film makes it suitable for the next chapter in the saga to be set a few years in the future instead. And I like that idea. Additionally, it gives a proper opportunity to maybe consider the passing of General Leia Organa within that time frame - or better yet, to have her funeral in the beginning of episode 9. I think this makes a lot of sense for the story, and gives more layers/depth to what problems may lie ahead in episode 9. And of course, a great send-off (without the need to kill the character off on screen) to our late dear princess Carrie Fisher.

                Actually, I don't really have much idea for speculation regarding episode 9, and I actually do prefer it that way, but one thing it does look like to setup is another great confrontation between Kylo Ren & Rey, as the first two films has been a lot about setting up the journey and the path of these two characters. There has been different interactions even within The Last Jedi itself, from despise to actually understanding each other and working together. There is a lot that has happened between these two, and it looks to set up a great final confrontation between Kylo Ren and Rey.

This is my last article of the Year and I will see you all again in 2018...
My best wishes & a very Happy New Year to all! 

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