Sunday 3 December 2017


            Disney...Pixar...these folks just don't know how to make less-than-stellar movies, do they? They say Pixar has a blip with their Cars movies, but that is just a testament to how good their other films are. And Coco is another spectacular outing from the studio. It's hard to find a flaw in this film, but more than that, I don't even want to.

               In so many aspects, this film did brilliantly well. At it's core, it is a very touching story with amazing characters. All the characters in the film are quite distinct but feels like real characters we see in our lives. And it is so much fun to see the interactions between these characters, and occasionally, it becomes very emotional & touching moments. A lot of these characters develops and changes throughout this adventure - perhaps because the story is so powerful & meaningful.

             The plot is easily the strongest element of the film, but I won't say too much more, because it needs to be experienced first-hand. Meanwhile, though there isn't particularly too much laughs to be had, but there are some very great humour along the way, even towards the end. And I suppose I don't need to re-emphasize about the dramatic/touching moments of the story. The music is another strong part of the movie. There are quite a few memorable & enjoyable songs that really enhances the emotions of the story. 

              Like I said, it's hard to specify the flaws in the film, probably because I don't really care much when the rest of the film is just so good. Even the voice cast - who are mainly new names I am not quite familiar of - did really solid performances. And finally, I'd like to call out that I also appreciate how they stuck to and explored the Mexican culture. For a lot of us not from that area of the world, it is a very eye-opening knowledge, and it is really nice to see the beautiful things they do and the festivals they have.

               This film really is right up there alongside the best of the Pixar films like Toy Story, Inside Out, and more. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone, because I think this is a movie that is both eye-opening but also just a damn good story to experience...

VERDICT: 90 / 100 

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