Saturday 16 December 2017


            This film is probably not as great as I hoped it would be, but I sure as hell enjoyed it. I'm not entirely able to exactly pinpoint the flaws right now, but one thing that I felt was that the story wasn't that tightly written. That being said, the characters were great, the action sequences were great, the visual effects were great. It feels great to be back in a Star Wars movie again.

             The overall story was pretty good, but I felt that there were too many things happening at the same time to too many characters, and it wasn't that neatly packed. Some scenes ended up feeling a bit rushed, while some felt a bit too long. Sometimes it is nice to say that a film is breathless and is packed from start to finish, but in truth, I would appreciate it more if there was a bit more time to breath in the moment.

             However, the characters were mostly great. Even the new characters were pretty good, especially Kelly Marie Tran's character, who I really like. It is so easy to feel for and like most of the characters.
             Between the plot and the characters, there were some emotional moments, although most didn't really hit hard - again, maybe because we don't receive enough time to breath the emotions in. Similarly, some of the humour were pretty good, but some felt a little out of place as well.

               All that being said, I still do enjoy the film a lot. The action sequences were really good. There is this one action sequence (which you might know when you see it) which I think is the best action sequence in a Star Wars movie ever. I really loved watching it. There was also a few other sequences which were just beautifully shot mixed with great sound design. And meanwhile, the visual effects is great, as always, and so is the feeling of being in these different worlds. And that is always one of the specialty of a Star Wars film.

              And in the end, despite there being some flaws in this film (and I didn't find it as great as I would have hoped), if I can watch a Star Wars movie and feel like I am there, in these unique and different worlds, and enjoy some great action & adventure with great characters, I will always cherish the feeling. And that is exactly what I got from Star Wars: The Last Jedi...

VERDICT: 82 / 100

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