Wednesday 6 December 2017


              This film is actually not that bad. In many ways, the film was okay. But I didn't really feel quite satisfied walking out of the theatre. It feels like something is missing/ doesn't feel like it was executed very well. It might be the editing (which was a bit too fast), or it could be the dialogue, too.

              There is nothing in this film that is particularly bad, but then again, there isn't anything that is particularly good, either. The thing that sticks out most before the film was the stellar cast. But none of them actually pulled out a spectacular performance. Josh Gad was perhaps the only one who did pretty well.

              The visuals in the film was pretty good, and I have to say I particularly liked the wide shots of the setting - whether it be a shot of the city when they first set off, or the many shots of the different backdrop that the train traversed along. But one thing I find annoying (which could well be one of the reasons I didn't feel quite satisfied with the film) is the editing. It just cuts from scene to a scene a little too quickly. It didn't give us much time to digest or think about what just happened or what could happen.

               And then there is also the dialogue, which I feel wasn't particularly good. And in the moments when they try to make a joke, it didn't quite land....most of the time. They tried to make the story a little more fun & light, but it didn't really work.

               While the overall story was fine (which I think is more credit to original writer Agatha Christie instead), the execution of the film wasn't very good, especially for a director like Kenneth Branagh. And in the end, it's not that the film is bad. Especially if you have not read the book or know the story (like I do), it ends up being a good watch with an interesting mystery solving. However, I don't really feel the film was that good either, and I don't feel quite that satisfied walking out of the film.

VERDICT: 52 / 100

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