Saturday 6 January 2018


            Gary Oldman puts in one hell of a performance in this film, but so did the rest of the cast. And with the addition of great script, great directing, great music, it makes for a very fascinating and entertaining telling of Winston Churchill's finest moment.

             First and foremost, though, the performance of Gary Oldman - one of my favourite actors alive - cannot be overstated. It was so brilliant, and he brings out a great mix of strength & confusion of the character, showing both the emotional and also humorous side of the man. And yes, there is quite a lot of humour in the film, which is not something you can often say about a historical drama. Gary Oldman deserves a lot of credit for this.

              The rest of the cast also put in quite strong performances, especially Lily James who plays very well opposite Gary Oldman. Both struck up an excellent chemistry and has lots of memorable scenes.

              But more than just the performances, the writing of the story was good. It was paced perfectly, and the dialogue was excellent. The mix of excellent directing & writing makes for a very well-paced film that keeps the story & characters interesting, but also provides a lot of memorable (and funny) moments. I don't want to overstate this, but there really is quite a lot of funny scenes, and they provide a perfect counterbalance to the dramatic feel of the overall story.

              So, as you may imagine, I actually find this film surprisingly very entertaining. Especially for someone who is interested in what happens in WW2, this is a very fascinating film. But even if you are not, I still think this is a quality film to enjoy.

               And funnily & coincidentally, I find this film a perfect complement to the Dunkirk film by Christopher Nolan released recently. Both films make the other a little more interesting.

VERDICT: 81 / 100

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