Monday 8 January 2018

Disappointing Movies of 2017

Please note that these are not necessarily the worst movies of the Year...these are just the ones I find most disappointing out of the ones I have watched...
And I wasn't really able to order them, so its just a list of them in chronological order of release...

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

             I recall a sentiment from someone else that the best thing about this film is that it is the last in the series. There is almost nothing good from this film. None of the Resident Evil movies in the franchise has been good, but usually they have something interesting to show for. Not this one. It really is as boring and as bad as it gets, so I'm glad to say that it's over now.

Ghost in the Shell

             This could well just be me, but, I fell asleep a little bit during the film. The movie might have cool visuals but it has nothing to hook me in. The characters were kind of dull, the story was not particularly engaging nor paced well. I just didn't really care much about what happened, and I only got some cool action to see.

The Lost City of Z

               I tried to give this film credit and appreciation where its due, but to be perfectly honest, it is perhaps the most boring film I watched all year. The pacing was just super slow, and nothing was really happening most of the time. And watching it, I feel like they could (and should) throw in a bit of humourous moments now and again (and it won't feel out of place), but they didn't. It could have been a bit more engaging that way, but they didn't make the effort to put in even a little humour at all.

Transformers: The Last Knight

              I was one of the minority who actually enjoyed and appreciated Transformers: Age of Extinction for what it is, and for some cool moments. With this film, I gave up. This one is just terribly boring, and not even the visuals look cool anymore. The character, dull. The story, dull. Even in the final battle sequence, I was just begging for it to end so I can spend my precious time sleeping at home. I sure hope that with new people involved, the future of the Transformers series can be better. 

Despicable Me 3

               For sure, this is not the most awful film of the year. There is still a bit of fun & laughs to be had, but the rest of it is just disappointing. The story is just so dull, and there isn't much happening in the film. From where they began with the first Despicable Me (which is among the best animation flicks in the past few years), this has been a very disappointing fall, and I hope they think twice and look back before making the next one.

Murder on the Orient Express

            Out of all the films in this list, this is probably the best. The overall story is still quite interesting, though this is probably more credit to the writer of the book, Agatha Christie. However, the execution of the plot in this film is quite bad. It didn't keep me engaged with the story. A murder mystery should be more intense - a feeling that the killer could be nearby - and more engaging - where we can follow & have thoughts/ideas about the culprit ourselves. This film does none of that, and that is why it feels rather disappointing.

Justice League

               There is just so many things wrong with this film, that I probably feel more pity than dislike on Justice League. The signs are already there from the first scene when you see Superman's mustache. Not that that was the only thing wrong, but it shows that when a big budget superhero flick can't get that right, then something is just isn't right. The overall story is super generic, the villain is dull. Even the dialogue is terribly inconsistent. They tried, but it just didn't work.

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