Thursday 30 June 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Warcraft




           Let's start with the lighter thing, first. The part where Medivh turns out to have been poisoned by The Fel, I think? Well, this is one part where I have to admit I am a bit confused because of how the story unfolds and also because I was never a Warcraft fan. This could've been one of the better twists of the film - but it was just downright awful. First of all, the character has been jumping here & there throughout the film, so the twist didn't even feel surprising. If anyone was to be a thorn in the human's side, he would be my first pick, anyway. But also, the fact that it was a demon of some sort that possessed him makes it all look more cheap, and I never clearly understand what that demon was, what its motivation is, etc. It's all just a bunch of confusion, and if anything, it distracts from the main battle that is happening elsewhere.

The deaths I don't really care about...

             For a first film in a fantasy world, there is surprisingly so many deaths. Most of them, I don't really care about, or I don't find them surprising. Let's start with the worse of all - Lothar's son. There was never any proper relationship that is shown between Lothar and his son, so when his son died - it just felt 'meh'. A cheap act that just gives a little more problem to our protagonist. The second one is Blackhand. I don't even understand why he needs to challenge Lothar to a duel, and his death is so quick that I can't...I can't even...whatever, man...let's move on...
             Now, Draka is a character I care more about, but her death is just so cheap. She released her son down into the river stream, but then there had to be that one orc - whose only purpose, it seems, is to kill her. And that's what I don't like. There could have been many orc...or there could have been none, and she could've gone back to Durotan. But no, there had to be that one orc so that Draka could die heroicly.
            And finally, the death of a King is hardly surprising. In many fantasy films that have come before, a King dies. So, while I've begun to like the character a little, his death is hardly any surprise. But of course, the fact that Garona was the one to be told to do it makes it a little interesting, especially to see how this unfolds in the sequels (if there is to be one).

The death I DO care about...

            And yes, my friend, that would be Durotan. A huge surprise for me. While the death of a wife or a child or a King, for that matter, is hardly a surprise, the death of a main protagonist - the most interesting character in the film by far, at that - left me breathless. 
           I seriously didn't expect this. I loved this character and I thought that duel at the end will simply rally the other orcs to rebel against Gul'dan...but he didn't stop and neither did Gul'dan, and unfortunately, it had to end with the death of Durotan. And I was just heart just sank at that moment, because I loved the character so much and I wanted to see more of him.
           The worse thing is...while Orgrim did make a statement soon after which should rally the orcs together - it didn't. So, for the moment, it looks as though Durotan's death is in vain, because all of a sudden the humans attack, and all the orcs fought for Gul'dan, still. Unless, of course, in the sequel, Orgrim is able to rally orcs bit by bit, using Durotan's death as the rallying cry, but I don't know...we'll have to see, I guess.
           But one thing is for sure...I am still not over the death of the great Durotan...

What next?

              Given how successful it was in China and other international territories, I can only assume that a sequel is still very much a possibility. So, what next in the story, then?
             Well, Gul'dan is still at large, and so are most of the orcs. So, its very much possible for Gul'dan to start a new campaign & raise a new army to take on the humans. But, Garona is now being hailed by many of the orcs, too, so for the time being, these orcs shouldn't cause too much trouble under her leadership. Although, Lothar didn't know the truth about King Llane's death, so the next encounter between Lothar & Garona should be interesting.
              Meanwhile, Durotan's son is found by a human, so it will be pretty interesting to see how the life of his son develops under the care of a human - what kind of orc will he grow up to be, etc. Although, it wouldn't be much of a surprise, if like Kal-El (Superman), he learns what it means to be human as a result of this, and becomes a champion of the humans, and may end up being the bridge between humans & orcs. But he's still a baby now, so one question will be how far in the future will the sequel be? My guess is that he'll be a child in the sequel, and then maybe an adult in the third film (assuming it happens), to be the salvation of some sort. But again, just speculative thoughts.
              Now, the one character I'm most interested to see moving forward (now that Durotan is gone) is Orgrim Doomhammer. We know that he is moved by Durotan's death, so the question is, what will he do next? The honorable (but obvious) thing to do is live his life in the spirit of his good friend, Durotan. And using my experience & knowledge of past movies...I can see him doing one of two things. The first is that he can go on to the different Orc clans and rally them with Durotan's name...or he could well find his way to Durotan's son and be a mentor to him. I'm thinking the former is the more likely in the immediate future....but, we'll have to wait and see...

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