Wednesday 22 June 2016


"I have to find my family"

           It is a really good film overall and has a heartful story, too. But like its forgetful titular character, the film is not memorable, for me. But throughout the film, I really had a lot of fun, and the story itself is heartful & intriguing. As happened with some Pixar films before, I find myself a bit teary in some of the scenes. And it has some throwbacks to Finding Nemo, as well, which was one of the animation films I watched in my childhood.

           The titular character, Dory, has a unique personality, and that is really featured prominently in this film. A lot of the times, I find myself emphatizing with the character, but then I also enjoy her high-spirited personality. Meanwhile, Nemo & Marlin provided the balance to Dory's character as they set out in this adventure to find Dory's family. And there is one other new character, Hank the Octopus, who is surprisingly an awesome character, and even has a character development of his own as he encounters Dory in her adventure. Destiny & Bailey adds to the assortment of excellent characters.

            Now, the plot itself as a whole isn't too memorable. It is a bit generic & predictable in many ways. But thanks to some excellent backstory (and flashbacks) and making use of the events in the first film, there really are some very heartful moments throughout. And overall, there is a lot of fun and humour to be had in this film, and it is made whole with a story that is genuine & heartful. The plot twist may be predictable, and the final act felt a bit over-the-top, but it didn't change the fact that Finding Dory is a really good family film, and is another solid entry in the Pixar canon.


          A really good film for the families, and both kids & adults should find themselves enjoying this film. But this film will really mean a lot for you 90s kids, who grew up with Finding Nemo as one of their favourite animation films.

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