Sunday 19 June 2016


"There's always more than what's on the surface"

           It feels like a generic sequel, but its a sequel that works. Without getting into anything too technical, this film is fun to watch, and surprisingly very intriguing for a lot of the time. There are some minor issues here and there...especially in the details of the scenes. And you do have to suspend your disbelief like you're watching a superhero film. But overall, I find myself surprised to be enjoying this film.

            And if there's one part I find to be surprisingly quite is in fact, the plot. For one, I find myself intrigued from the moment the four horsemen find themselves somewhere they shouldn't be. I really am curious to know what happened and moreover, what the situation will develop into. And I also like how they delve more into the backstory of Dylan Rhodes, and how that impacts the scenes in the present. This part of the story is what I like best in this film.

             But if there's one part that bothers me...that would be in the plot as well. Not on the disbelief suspension part, though. I mean, yes, there are a great many scenes in which you literally have to suspend your disbelief and just accept it as it is - so that's what I did, and hence I can still enjoy the sequences. However, one sequence in particular is just a bit too extended, and by then the awesome-ness has just disappeared. They could have shortened it and it would have been an awesome scene (like the Quicksilver scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past). But I feel like they overdid it in this film, and towards the end, I was like "Come on, I know it looks cool, but let's just get on with the story". And there are some other minor details (especially with one of the characters), which I can't say without spoiling it.

            That being said, everything else about the movie is pretty good. The action sequences are a lot of fun. There are some humours that hit (although there are some that don't, as well). The music is pretty cool. And while not all of the characters are excellent, Mark Ruffalo's character is brilliant, and like I said, I absolutely love the story surrounding his character. And in the end, Now You See Me 2 is a fun film to watch. It's not a spectacular film in any way, but it really is worth the price of admission.


             If you're looking to have a good time at the'll have it with this film. There are minor problems here and there, but if you can accept it, you'll find yourself with a pretty fun film.

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