Tuesday 12 July 2016


"He's Tarzan. You're Jane. He'll come for you"

            This film made me remember how much I loved Disney's Tarzan animated film back when I was a kid. I was skeptical going into this film, but walked out having quite some fun with it. And while others are clamouring for the origin story of Tarzan, I was perfectly happy in seeing this version of Tarzan, who has been living in England for a while now. And him slowly returning to the jungle and his natural state is a nice parallel as I slowly return to and reminisce the world of Tarzan.

             The best thing about this film is the titular character himself. Like I said, it is very nice to see John Clayton (Tarzan) living in England - as a well spoken lord, no less. And the best thing is to see him all nice & cool as a normal human, but you get that feeling that deep down there is a wildness contained within the man. I especially love it when he first arrived at Congo and interacts with the animals again - to see that transition of a man re-discovering his old life. Alexander Skarsgard really deserves the credit for portraying a man with a wildness within him - and this is a Tarzan I really loved seeing.

            Meanwhile, if I have to mention a weak point - it would be the thing I feared when I saw the trailer (which I wrote in my previews): the visual effects. The visual effects were not great...and after the likes of The Jungle Book or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the VFX in this film felt lacklustre. Worse still is the movement of the gorillas...which felt too animated. It didn't drag the film down, but it did bother me time and again.

             Apart from that however, everything else works fine. Nothing special with the plot or the villain or the action, even...but it works just fine and I had fun with it. There is a nice comedy, especially coming from Samuel L Jackson's character. But otherwise, it was all of satisfactory quality. Good, but not great. Still, with a protagonist in the form of Alexander Skarsgard's Tarzan, it was quite an adventure to enjoy.


           I really do think this is an enjoyable film. At least it is watchable. It's not a great or memorable film, but it you're looking for some fun, you might have it with this film.

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