Saturday 16 July 2016


"I was born to be a Ghostbuster, alright?

          I have never seen any previous Ghostbusters film...or even if I did, I don't remember. So, I come into this film with a blank slate and looking to have my first experience with the Ghostbusters...and guess what, I had good fun with it. Its not a great film as a whole, but the film has both action & comedy and it was a fun time in the theaters.

          A lot of the comedy comes from our four main protagonists...the aforementioned titular Ghostbusters. I hear some people singling out one or two of them for stealing the show, but for me, all of them are equally brilliant, and the interactions between one another are the main source of the comedy. Each carry their own distinct personalities, and while they can be over-the-top, they are also what kept the film interesting.

          Chris Hemsworth's character (Kevin) on his own is rather annoying for me - sometimes to the level that made me want to cringe. But at least, when he gets to interact with some of the other characters and they react to Kevin's stupidity, it became funny to watch. And well, he's Chris Hemsworth, so I forgive him. But in short - there are a lot humour that hits, but there are also some that miss.

            The action sequences are also brilliantly done in this film, and so too are the visual effects. The ghosts look awesome, and the action sequence at the end is pretty awesome. Apart from that, though, there really is nothing else notable. The plot, the drama (which there is none), the music, etc. Those aren't bad, but they aren't that good either, so there's not really a point to discuss. They just about work for the film. And despite some cringe-worthy humours that miss, overall the film is fun to watch.


            If you're just looking for some good fun time in the theaters, then Ghostbusters may be something you want to check out...

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