Tuesday 3 May 2016


"We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own"

          In my humble opinion, this is easily the best entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. And with comparisons to Batman v Superman inevitable, let me also make the claim that Civil War is better in almost every aspect. Spectacle...check! Characters...check! Plot...check! Humour...check! Emotions...check! And most importantly, dreams came true...check!

           Action sequences are always going to be in the spotlight of any comic book film...this one more so due to the number of heroes clashing against each other. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint. It was a visual spectacle that needed to be witnessed with one's own eyes, and not by the words of some fan blogger. You really have to see & experience it yourself. And that scene you see in the trailers where Team Cap lined up against Team Iron Man...turns out - not cheesy at all! It was surprisingly perfect in the way it unfolds...and it fulfilled the dreams of many comic book fans.

          But like I (and many others) have said...action is nothing without the plot that drives it. Fortunately, I can even boldly claim that this is perhaps the best plot of any comic book film in recent times. Not only does it pit friends against friends, but the amazing achievement is in the fact that it uses stories that were established for these characters to drive their motivation & actions. Its like the events in all 12 previous films in the MCU culminated in this film. And yet, there's still room for some new characters - each with their own respective brilliant story arcs.

          In terms of characters, its just respectful to say that most of the characters in this film owes to the films that came before. But what this film achieved brilliantly is bring them together and (sensibly & logically) puts each of them in either side of the conflict. Its not like these characters flipped coins to see which side of the team they ended up on...in fact, it totally makes sense in the film why each character fights for that particular side. And also, the new characters were weaved in brilliantly, and especially for Black Panther...whose story arc in this film alone was great!

           The film did not lack any humour, too. It was very funny throughout, especially when we came to see humorous characters like Ant-Man or Spider-Man...but my favourite still has to be, hands down, the chemistry and the banter between the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I would want to see these two be in a road trip or a buddy cop movie.

          Now, if I have to nitpick some of the negatives of this film, I can. There are some scenes in the airport sequences where I felt the CGI was not well done. And if there's one thing that BvS did better than Civil War...it was the score/soundtrack. Not to say that Civil War soundtrack was not good. But it was not catchy or brilliant to the point that it became memorable.

            But then again, this is nitpicking. Truth be told, none of these mattered when watching the movie...because I had witnessed Marvel's epic Civil War on screen - successfully pulled off with all the great action spectacle and the clash of a dozen heroes contained within a powerful plot that is both political & personal...a spectacular summer blockbuster...and a dream come true!


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