Saturday 21 May 2016


"Everything they've built...will fall!"

            X-Men: Apocalypse is not perfect, but I loved it. The best thing about the film is in the title itself: X-Men. It really is a true X-Men film at heart. Unfortunately, one of my few qualms is also in the title: Apocalypse. The titular villain is not as terrifying as I had hoped him to be. But it was only a small bother, because the movie is fun, action-packed, and most importantly, its a true X-Men film. And while it is not perfect...I loved the film much more than I thought I would.

            Let's begin with the simplest part to discuss: the action. The film is not overloaded with action, but it was pretty cool when we got them. They are exciting to watch, and really what we can expect from an X-Men film. And the visual effects were brilliantly done, too. 
             And do you remember that Quicksilver sequence in X-Men: Days of Future Past that some are calling the best sequence of maybe the whole year of 2014?...well...the Quicksilver sequence in X-Men: Apocalypse tops that scene by a long mile, and now that sequence in DOFP will seem puny & pathetic.

            And if you're looking for more than just some got it. There's a lot of humour in this film. And a lot of them came from a character you would least expect to be the source of humour...Professor X himself. As wise as the character is, Charles Xavier in this film is greatly humanized, and I partially credit James McAvoy for bringing that side of Professor X to life. And while we're talking about actors, the other actor that stands out is Michael Fassbender. There's so much emotion in the character Magneto and he conveys it brilliantly.

            Before I get to the best part about this film, let me just quickly call out the main qualm I have about this film. The titular villain, Apocalypse, lacks that presence of a terrifying villain - and he sort of talks too much instead of letting the action do the talking. Its not his powers (or his looks, specifically) that I have a problem with...but its his presence & charisma which is lacking. In the video games, I used to feel worried/scared when I see him on screen - this film didn't give me that. And plus, it's a waste of Oscar Isaac's talent, because he speaks with little emotion - perhaps also because of all that make-up.

           But...once I get into the movie, I begin to really appreciate the feeling that this really is a true X-Men film - because it shows the team spirit & dynamic that was the core relationship of the X-Men characters. I'm also happy that this film acknowledges previous X-Men films, and not just by directly showing flashbacks from First Class and Days of Future Past, but also by referencing back the events of X-Men & X2 itself - and these really brings back the memories I have of the original X-Men films that were a big part of my childhood. And more so thanks to characters like Cyclops & Jean Grey - as it is nice to see them where they begin and how their relationship develops in the team.

            There are several other things, too - which I shan't spoil here - that really captures the spirit of the X-Men, and I loved this movie for it. 
          And the ending...perfect! I was one of the happiest man in the world in that moment, and now I want to see more. I just want them to continue the story with these characters...find a new villain, take them into another adventure...I just want another X-Men film now!


          If you have interest in the X-Men franchise or have seen some of the previous film, I deeply recommend seeing this film because its a true X-Men film. And at the very least, you will have a lot of fun, too, as long as you don't carry the expectation of seeing another Days of Future Past.

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