Sunday 22 May 2016


"I had to question the mermaids"

            It pains me to realize that this is the first Ryan Gosling movie I've seen - perhaps because his recent films are not quite under my radar - but my, he's a damn good actor. And the banter & relationship between his character and Russell Crowe's was brilliant in this film. And the comedy just builds up from there. Add to that a blend of mystery and a pinch of action, and I find myself watching one of the best film of the year so far.

             The chemistry & banter between Jackson Healy (Crowe's character) and Holland March (Gosling's character) is the key for me. Most of the comedy builds from these two characters. 
             And I suppose a lot really has to be owed to the writer/director Shane Black. The comedy was so well written, and it's not like those comedies that tried too hard and ended up looking foolish. In this film, the comedy felt very easy & natural.
              But I cannot take anything away from the actors. They were brilliant - and they made it look like Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are made for each other. 

              That being said - Ryan Gosling is a damn fine actor. There are some scenes which are just too hilarious, and while sometimes, its down to the banter with Russell Crowe - other times, its all down to Ryan Gosling himself. One of the scene in particular is the scene when he fell and landed by the side of a tree and proceeded to smoke (when you see it, you'll know it) - the whole theater bursted into laughter in seeing his expression - and this is all Ryan Gosling. There are a lot more than that which you really should experience firsthand, but here I have to say - Ryan Gosling proved his comedic ability & acting chops in this film...and I wouldn't be too surprised if he gets nominated for Best Actor - Comedy in the Golden Globes...heck, I wish he would. 

              In the end, though, the best thing about the film is that the comedy feels very easy & natural and unsuspectingly hilarious, to which I have to partially credit Shane Black. The rest of the credit goes to Crowe and Gosling for pulling off such a hilarious banter on screen. The mystery element keeps things interesting in the film...while the action (and I never thought I'd say this) was just an icing on the cake. But if there's one thing I know coming out of this that Ryan Gosling is a damn good actor!!


          A highly recommended film! It really is a lot of fun, and I can't imagine anyone who won't have a fun time with this film. If you're looking to watch some birds in the cinema this should find yourself a Crow(e) and a Gosling!

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