Saturday 14 May 2016

SPOILER Dicussion - Captain America: Civil War (Part 1)

There really is a lot to talk about with this film...hence, I will split the whole Spoiler Discussion into three parts...just so that it won't look too excessive/confusing when you read it...

But I will post it immediately the day after and the next, so you won't have to wait long...



"I'm done letting it consume me"

New Heroes (Spider-Man & Black Panther)

           Even with almost all heroes of the MCU returning in this film, there is still apparently room for a few more new ones. And these are major heroes who are set to have their own standalone films in the future, too.
          First up, Spidey! After that wonderful news last year when we all found out that Spidey is set to appear in the MCU, the anticipation is just high and there is apparently a lot of weight in the shoulders of young Tom Holland and the production team. But, boy, did they fulfill expectations...the character was great. I wouldn't go as far yet to claim (as others have) that he is the best movie Spider-Man ever...but he's good enough for me. What I like more than the character himself, though, is the relationship/interaction between Tony Stark & Peter Parker. That is one solid fun mentor/mentee relationship, and I look forward to more of those in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
             Now, instead, if I have to mention the best character in Civil War, I think I will go for Black Panther/T'Challa. Everywhere people made mention of how good Spidey was, but I think they overlooked T'Challa. He was perfect! Really my favourite character in the film. The way T'Challa speaks really made me believe he is both Wakandan Prince (King) and Warrior. He has both that calmness & confidence, and my favourite moment was when he said to Black Widow, "Don't bother Ms. Romanoff, I will kill him myself". And his alter ego Black Panther was nothing short of cool & badass. I really like his fighting style, and his vibranium claws look menacing. I do have to admit, the MCU standalone film I'm most looking forward to right now is the Black Panther film coming February 2018 (more so than even Thor: Ragnarok or Spider-Man: Homecoming).


             As MCU villains go, Zemo is one of the better ones, but it simply is because the MCU had a lot of one-off forgettable villains. Zemo's character is so believable and his motivations are clear. Moreover, its safe to say that his mission was indeed a success - in the sense that he manipulated & directed Tony Stark's anger towards Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, even though the outcome probably isn't to the extent that he would have hoped for.
          We still can't compare Zemo with the MCU's best villains (Loki, Winter Soldier) because Zemo's role is pretty small in the film and he isn't a big player that places him as a memorable villain. Definitely better than the likes of Ronan or Malekith, but he's not a top villian based on what we see in this film. And with all the heroes versus heroes theme at the forefront, I wouldn't expect Zemo to take centre stage anyway. But overall, I like the character and I think he works for the film.
           And (bringing DC into the mix), after seeing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman, I am happy that Zemo isn't anything like Lex.

December 16, 1991...

          Speaking of Zemo, there is this one revelation that shows us that Tony Stark's parents was killed by the Winter Soldier - a revelation engineered by Zemo which resulted in that final fight between Cap/Bucky & Tony. While the revelation itself isn't that much of a surprise for me...I was glad to see it happen because at the time, Tony & Steve were almost like friends again. And I didn't want the film to end with peace, so I'm glad that this revelation drives the plot towards another (more emotional & brutal - in fact) fight between our heroes. So, not only does it work perfectly as a story, but it gives us a bloody final fight between Cap & Iron Man!

More to come in Parts 2 & 3...
(Bear with me...I'm a bit passionate with Marvel movies...)

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