Tuesday 26 April 2016


"Ah, this is the worst plan ever"

          Its safe to say, though, this film is not as drab as its predecessor. It has some fun moments and cool action moments, and during these moments, the movie was enjoyable. The plot isn't actually half bad - it works and there are some solid moments, but the it plays with the common theme of trickery, love, yadda yadda yadda. Not a powerful concept, unfortunately. 

            Well, lets start with the simplest aspect - the action. The action sequences are probably the biggest selling point of the movie. There were some pretty sweet fight sequences & choreographs, and these are generally very entertaining to watch. They were not, in any way, groundbreaking, but they are entertaining & fun to see, especially for action buffs.

           Meanwhile, the plot is just basic. Like I said, it isn't half bad, because it works. But the theme and the overall plot is very basic & common, and plays around with a rather weak (and boring) concept of love, trickery/betrayal, etc. Claiming the plot is good will be an overstatement, but at least the plot works for the film.

           The above explanation on the plot similarly applies to the characters. Very basic & predictable, but just about works for the film. Fortunately, we are treated to some very funny dwarves. And so the journey with these characters (and the dwarves) becomes a bit more enjoyable & humorous because of how these characters interact with each other - the little clashes of arguments, etc. These are very minor moments of the film, but they provide us the entertainment where the story fails. We are treated to some funny scenes thanks to these guys.

            On the other technical aspects of the film, there isn't a lot to say. Nothing notable of the directing apart from some solid fight sequences. The music/soundtrack is good. These big name actors/actresses did their part well, but unfortunately, the story rather let the characters down. Oh, and the narrator is a surprise voice that cinephiles would know in a jiffy. Unfortunately, its nothing more than a pleasant surprise - it adds nothing to the film.

           In the end, The Huntsman: Winter's War has its cool action sequences and has some very funny moments throughout the journey. Unfortunately, the plot & the characters are very basic & predictable, and doesn't add anything to the film. The movie can be a good fun time for action-lovers, but those seeking quality film may want to pass on this one.


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