Monday 11 April 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Note: A rather long post below...



Capitol Explosion

            If you notice from my non-spoiler review that I mentioned one shocking scene that kicked off the intensity & action of the film. That would be the hearing scene in the Capitol where Lex Luthor engineered an explosion that went off while Superman was in the room - killing everyone else except him. And honestly, I didn't expect that. It was a surprise for me, and it was a smart move by Lex Luthor, speaking in terms of the plot. It really elevated the hate towards Superman, and it propels Batman/Bruce Wayne into full preparation of the battle. An unsuspecting yet brilliant move.


             As shameful as it is to admit, I seriously never realized that the name of both Bruce Wayne's & Clark Kent's mother is the same. Probably because I always see them in separate medium, and never both in the same one while delving in deep into their stories...until this film. It felt like a pleasant slap-in-the-face seeing that scene.
            But in terms of how that scene played out, I kind of agree that it could be handled better. It felt okay at the time, but as one of many plot holes of the film, I agree that Batman couldn't have immediately accepted Superman as a friend just like that. He should have gone to save Martha but while keeping Superman in check (tied up or something like that). It played out too conveniently for them to be friends just because of their mother's name.

          And also, I'm kind of surprised to find that we have a clear winner of the fight between Bats and Supes - I thought it would have been a draw - and the winner is Batsy. And I'm happy it turned out that way.

The Death of Superman

            Despite me knowing that this death won't last (with the Justice League film on the way) and knowing that Doomsday killed Superman in the comics...I was still surprised to see that they went ahead with this move. But more importantly, this brings me several concerns. One for Marvel, one for DC and one for comic books films in general.
            For comic book films in general, this death (and ressurection-to-come) will just strengthen the fact that comic book characters don't really die and will cause superhero films to lose weight with character deaths even more.
            For DC, my concern is that they have shelled out a lot of their most famous stories already (The Dark Knight Returns, The Death of Superman, etc) and they are only in their second film. Hence, my worry is that, what story can they bring in future films that can top these stories that have already been used? They have a long line-up of films to come, but how many of them can top the Death of the Man of Steel in terms of emotional weight?

            Meanwhile, for Marvel, my concern is that I was actually expecting Marvel to be the one (with their upcoming Civil War film) to end their film by killing off a major character and (most likely) dismantling the team. But now that DC has done it first with Superman...if Marvel follows a similar act with their upcoming film, then the people's comments would be that Marvel is imitating DC...while I know it definitely is not the case. Hence, poor Marvel wouldn't be able to pull this kind of act of without attracting criticisms/complaints.

Justice League (Teases)

            For a second when watching the film, I thought the teases of the Justice League members was a bit cheap. But the more I think about it, the more it works for me. It really makes sense now that Lex Luthor have been keeping track of these kind of individuals, and now that Bruce Wayne has this information, he can then use it to recruit the team. Furthermore, it actually made perfect sense for Diana Prince's appearance and role in the film. 
           But then again, the Aquaman scene could have been done better, though.

DCEU Future?

          Apart from Lex's comments of the bell that has been rung, a lot of the teases of future Justice League films comes from Bruce Wayne's nightmares. I did say in my review that I have a particular concern for these dream sequences - and its because I'm not sure if they are just dreams/nightmares, or are they visions that means something for the future. 
           Especially that scene where The Flash (I think) kind of sends a message to Bruce Wayne, but then he wakes up from it. I know The Flash is capable of going through time with a speed vortex of some it would make sense for a future version of the character to be sending messages. But the fact that Bruce Wayne wakes up from that scene confuses me whether it really is a message or just a dream.
           In any case, it really does seem that Darkseid is to be the villain in the Justice League films, with the Omega symbol & the parademons in Bruce's dreams...and the bell that Lex mentioned of. Though I have no particular comments at the moment, I really need to say this, though...Darkseid for DC and Thanos for Marvel??

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