Friday 8 April 2016


"To rule Nassau, you must know her"

Note: This is a show for mature audiences ONLY. Rating is other words, 18+...I think.

           A show that just gets better and better. It gives no quarter in terms of story, and it still leaves you wanting more. To be honest, in times between the early to the middle of the season, I was less hooked with the show. It felt like it had lost the wind. But the final few episodes struck me hard. And the finale was as brilliant as any I've ever seen, with both spectacle in visuals and substance in narrative.

          The series began by introducing some very great characters (like Woodes Rogers and Edward Teach) who play a significant role throughout the season. It also sees more familiar characters in a different state/situation altogether. It was very interesting with all the pieces set in place, but afterwards, the wind began to die down.

          And by that I mean the narrative slows its pace, and the plot takes time to unfold. There were still some great character moments/conversations, but it took its time, and there wasn't really anything very eventful. Not like Season 2, where we find surprises in episode 3, episode 5, etc. 

           But towards the end of the season, the show really picks itself up. The major characters began crossing paths one way or another, and there was a lot of interesting clashes (and team-ups, too, for that matter) between these major characters.

           And then the finale really outdid itself. Episode 10 was one of the best season finales I have ever seen. There was a lot of fight sequences (both ground & naval), and yet it was the least interesting thing of the episode. Because the narrative that drives it is even better. More so, the characters that drive this particular narrative. I won't spoil it in here, but it perhaps is the best interaction between two characters I have ever seen...ever!


          If you have seen past seasons, then by all means, this is a must watch! March on through the series, because the end of the line is as rewarding as it gets.
           If you have yet to watch the series at all, then I really do recommend to follow up and catch-up before its too late. 28 episodes isn't that much. Take your time to watch it. But of course you have to be okay with the theme & concept of the show (pirates and all) and also be aware that this is a mature & bloody show. 

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