Wednesday 20 January 2016


"The waves has begun"

            2016 is off to a good start, for me, at least. More unexpectedly so as this is a YA sci-fi novel adaptation, but I have to admit...I enjoyed this film. There are flaws, obviously, but there are some good moments, too. 

          The plot is nothing new. Even in the smallest details, its cliche and its predictable. In the larger point of view, you can already feel if something is wrong, and you can sense the twist coming a mile away. Also, the film takes a while to set the story up. 30 minutes in (into the 110 minutes film) and the film still doesn't feel like kicking off yet, instead still feeding the background of the story to the viewers.

           But when it does kick off, it gets better. The main character, Cassie (played by Chloe Moretz) is a very likeable character. I like the character more and more as I journey with her throughout. Also, there's another very likeable character in Ben Parish (played by Nick Robinson). He's cool, he's kind, he's funny...but the best thing is, he's not like Four or Gale. He's very grounded, but he gives his best. And that's why its easy to like him.

           A lot of the other characters didn't really appeal to me...some are even a bit over the top. But when your two main characters are so likeable, its easier to follow the story. The action sequences are good enough. Nothing else stands out, though. Good enough comedy & drama. Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty cool. And the visual effects are pretty well done.

           Its a pretty solid film for a month of January, and its enjoyable, too. Nothing really stands out, but its a good film to enjoy. Not too eager with the sequel, but not too disinterested, either. Oh, and personally, I still find this film better than the Divergent or the Maze Runner series.


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