Sunday 3 January 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Part 1: Star Wars - The Force Awakens

It really is difficult to be talking about The Force Awakens without any spoilers...but we're more than two weeks since the if you even care about SW, you would have watched it by now...

In any case...consider yourself warned...



"That one's garbage!"


          I've always wanted to see a prominent female Jedi character in the movies, and in this film, we have one...well, soon (after she's properly trained, of course). I've played some Star Wars video games where there are just some very cool female Jedi characters, which makes me wonder why we don't have those in the movies. But it's 2015 now, and this is JJ Abrams, so its kind of expected. Going the other way would just raise more complaints from the internet. And yes, so I am glad that all the trailers showing Finn wielding a lightsaber is all just a red herring. And that part when the lightsaber flies past Kylo Ren and into the hands of Rey...that is just a glorious moment.
          Unfortunately, with Rey, there just seems to be more questions now than answers. Who are her parents? Why did they left her in Jakku? All the likes. A lot of the signs are pointing towards the fact that she may well be Luke's daughter. And I kind of hope it is so. But when a movie almost convinces you this is the case...well, by episode 8, it could be just another red herring. If it is, then they'd better pull off a great & meaningful reveal. I'd rather not be surprised than be disappointed by a revelation.
           Anyway, Rey is such a cool character. I love the fact she has Force powers, and I can't wait to journey on with her in Episode 8. And I have said this before, and I'll say this again - the soundtrack titled "Rey's Theme" (you might even be able to find this in YouTube) is amazing. The mix of adventure & simplicity says a lot about her character.

Supreme Leader Snoke

          Now, please don't think of me as shallow, but I don't really like way Snoke looks. I know this is Star Wars - which has an uncountable array of species - but I can't, for now, accept the fact that the Supreme Leader of the First Order, master to Kylo Ren and General Hux, looks something like a bald orc/goblin from The Hobbit films. I may be a bit overdoing it, but I just don't yet quite like the way he looks.
          But I like the way it is revealed to be a hologram. I was in such bewilderment when I initially saw him as a giant. Trust me, giants are not cool in this modern era. Especially not for a supreme leader. Gladfully, he doesn't seem to be.
          In any case, there is surely more to be explained about this character in the future films, and I can't wait to see it. There are so many fan theories out of which, I personally hope to be true - is that he may be Darth Plagueis. I hope this is true, as this will bring more significance to the character we know now as Snoke. Just, you know, wear a hood or something.

I feel like I have babbled too much, and we haven't even got to the major twist, yet...tell you what, lets do it in Part 2...

For now, let's talk about a fun small detail...

The Millenium Falcon

          The introduction of this famous spaceship is really as good as its going to get. After seeing the Quad Jumper shot down in front of Rey & Finn, we then pan to see the Millenium Falcon, and my, was it a glorious reveal. Even better because we even hear Rey exclaim "That one's garbage". I mean, no one can call the Millenium Falcon garbage (except for Luke & Leia before Rey). A minor twist of some sort, but its one that people don't expect to see. And when they do, it was just triumphant.

To continue in Part 2...with that thing about the guy they call Han Solo...

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