Monday 4 January 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Part 2: Star Wars - The Force Awakens



"That's not how the Force works"

Han Solo

          Before we get to the tragic bit, let me just quickly say that this Han Solo we see is really the Han Solo of old. The way he small talks out of things and his interaction with Chewie, Finn, and just so Han Solo. My favourite is when he says "What was the second one?" after being threatened by two rival gangs. And its not about the line, but its about how he brings himself to try and distract or even delay the situation. The way he delivers such lines is something unique to his character. For lack of a better word, it was so Han Solo.
          Then we come to the tragic moment when we see this fan-favourite character lose his life at the hands of his own son. We may all see it coming, but it doesn't detract the emotional impact. It hurts for me there and then, and I was emotionally exhausted long after seeing the lightsaber being driven through Han's chest. A powerful scene, and a meaningful one, especially in regards to the story. (And I'd have to give credit to Adam Driver and Harrison Ford for their brilliant performance in that has so much emotion...we saw it, and we felt it, too).

Kylo Ren

          One of the earlier twists to be revealed in the film is that Kylo Ren begins as Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo & Leia Organa. He then trained under Luke Skywalker, but then turned to the dark side. But like Rey, there seem to be more questions than answers about this character. And also like Rey, I love this character a lot. There is something particular about seeing a villain as a broken & angry character, instead of a pure evil one. As I may have said in my review, I have always fancied the dark side, but Kylo Ren made me love them even more, and it gave them more meaning as to what the dark side really is about. 

Luke Skywalker

          The moment I saw Luke Skywalker's name in the first line of the opening crawl, I was overjoyed. I was thinking that he would then be the centre of the plot. The fact that his disappearance let the First Order rose to power, and now people are desperate to find him - the last Jedi. I was beyond excited, at that moment.
            Well, but then we only get to see him in the last minute of the movie - and he didn't even get to say a line. Honestly, I expected to see more of him, but in the end, it was fine. If anything, it made me excited about what Episode 8 holds for us all, especially in terms of Luke's story and Rey's. More than anything, that last scene felt like Marvel's post-credits teaser, but just...pre-credits, instead. Nevertheless, I loved it. I love when things end and they get me even more excited to anticipate the next film.

(And similarly, the soundtrack titled "The Jedi Steps and Finale" (you can try to find them in Youtube) begins with such a peaceful yet inspiring tone, fitting for a Jedi. Amazing!)

           The only thing that bothers me - is the manner in which Luke's location is discovered. To see the opening crawl saying all there is about Luke Skywalker and how significant his character is, I'd expect there to be some special or significant revelation, or at least some rather dramatic moment -which then leads to clues for our heroes to find this exiled Jedi.
          But, no...what we get is two droids - each possessing a piece of a map that when combined, becomes a complete map regarding Luke's whereabouts. And then there's the fact that R2-D2 (who possesses one part of it) only wakes up at the end of film for reasons unexplained. Not only did it feel too convenient, but it feels so insignificant and shallow. Given what was shown in the opening crawl, I hope I can be forgiven for expecting something more meaningful or dramatic about Luke's reveal.

          And this is the only bit that bothers me in particular in what was an otherwise spectacular film that brings back the best of Star Wars, and takes people places they can only ever dream of...

Here's hoping we will get to have more of such films in 2016...
Speaking of which...Happy New Year 2016 to everyone!!        

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