Tuesday 12 January 2016

SPECIAL: BEST OF 2015 - Part 3

A quick shout-out to:
-Mad Max: Fury Road
for almost making my Top 10 list...

Speaking of which...

3. Kingsman: The Secret Service

          Another film in which I enjoyed an unprecedented amount of fun in watching it from start to end. And to my surprise, this film has a lot of heart, too. Before watching it, I thought this film would be just a lot of brainless fun & action - which I would still have enjoyed, too. But a few minutes in, and I'm proven wrong already. This film puts the characters' story front and centre, so the character developments really became the core of the story. And the action sequences, especially the final act, is nothing short of fun. Its brilliant! This is that kind of film where I entered expecting to have a lot of fun, but came out with so much more.

2. Inside Out

          This film really blowed me away at the time. I wasn't very much interested to begin with, and plus it came out late in my country. But when it did, I found some spare time to watch it, and I was just constantly amazed every minute of the film. The idea itself (of some "emotion" characters doing things that reflect the emotion of the person itself) is great, but the execution of it in this film is mind-blowingly brilliant. I can't help but be amazed constantly on how these scenes panned out. Better yet, like a lot of Pixar films before, it knew how to play with our emotions, and the plot is touching & dramatic altogether. (Yes, there may be a tear or two that came out from my eyes...and I'm pretty sure there are no dust in the theatre). And that's my exclamation of awe with this film. A truly brilliant animation flick.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

           Like a few films in this list, its the fan in me that pushes this film to the top of this list. But its not because of the references. There is indeed a bit too much nostalgic references - of which I could neither complain nor praise, because I enjoyed them. And while I admit that there are minor letdowns within this film, it still doesn't take away how much I enjoyed this film. And as a film, there are some very great characters (both old and new), and there's a lot of awesome action sequences (lightsaber battles, aerial battles, etc), and some very cool planets/worlds to behold. Full credit to JJ Abrams for his brilliant shots/angles, and also to John Williams for another set of brilliant soundtracks. And as a fan - and you may have heard this statement over and over now, but it exactly captures how I feel - for those 2 or so hours enjoying this film, I was living the dream.

Now, here's hoping 2016 will see more great films of this caliber...

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