Thursday 31 October 2013


Everything I expected from a Marvel movie...and more!

          The Dark World is incredibly humorous and light hearted at its core. With delightful visuals and entertaining action sequences, touches of drama, and amazing cast and characters with a flow of story that is so close to the heart, it is yet another marvellous blockbuster by Marvel.

          The whole movie is hilariously entertaining from start to end, incorporating tons of humorous scenes in the mix. Since The Avengers, and followed by Iron Man 3, Marvel have been making their movies so light & funny, it probably has become their legacy now. I have to say, Loki's scenes are highly entertaining and are among my favourites. Moreover, even the final battle is riddled with humour as well. (For countless times, the whole theatre burst into laughter, that I missed some lines because I could not hear them.)

           The overall story may be simple and very classical with not much depth & substance, but it was perhaps Marvel's intention all along, to make a movie that is easy to follow, yet joyfully entertaining. The few touches of drama and some good twists made it not seem all that shallow. And while the fantasy may be of gods & monsters, but the plot is grounded and made relatable to audiences, such as the simple brotherly relationship between Thor and Loki.

            The scale of the movie is so much bigger than its predecessor. In Thor, the only thing we see of Asgard is probably just the centre "castle", so to speak. In this one, the world is shown like a medieval but magnificent city, with houses, arenas, and bridges too. Brilliant soundtrack adds to the excitement, while the visual direction of Alan Taylor deserved praise as well. Oh, and Stan Lee's cameo is so funny, and is much better than in Iron Man 3.

           Marvel is really making a name for themselves, to be the cinematic series that takes the fantasy of the world of superheroes and giving them a light & family-friendly take, compared to other science-fictions that conveys darker story lines. Thor: The Dark World is a brilliant representation of Marvel's work, and with excellent visuals & great action sequences, along with the humorous take from start to end, is just an immensely satisfying adventure that is not to be missed.


Good: Delightful visuals, Entertaining action sequences, Humour from start to end, Touch of twists & drama

Bad: -

SCORE: 9.0


  1. the most hillarious part would be "thor rides train" part lol

  2. haha yep...thor taking the tube to greenwich is very funny indeed...