Sunday 27 October 2013


An entertaining old-fashioned action flick...

          Before watching the movie, I was expecting a good fun movie, but without a strong plot. After watching it, that's exactly what I feel that I got, but with a little something extra though. The whole movie is entertaining and thrilling for the prison breaking bits, but otherwise felt a bit boring and lifeless.

          The scenes in the prisons are enjoyable for the most part. Just when Stallone's character was scanning around, and then describing the flaws and weaknesses, it felt cool already. Although when inside 'The Tomb', the seemingly escape-proof prison where most of the movie is set in, he seemed way more vulnerable and worried, and it puts audiences in the position where they can root for the character in his troubles.

          Stallone's chemistry with Schwarzenegger was not as good as I had hoped, although there were some memorable scenes, and most of the funny scenes do came from them. The action sequences were simple, old-fashioned action, but it was still decently entertaining. With a mix of humour in between, the scenes in the prison are mostly great to see. 

          However, away from them, the movie seemed a bit boring, and gets uninteresting, even though a big part of the plot was from there. The overall plot was straightforward, and the whole movie is only about breaking out. But there is a small twist in the end that kind of clear things up, which surprised me a bit, as I wasn't expecting it, really.

          Another small disappointment was in the finale, where the sense of intelligent prison breaking is just lost. When things go haywire, instead of having our hero rethink another smart improvised strategy, it ends with actions that made the prison lost all its credibility of an escape proof-prison with top security, while at the same time making Stallone's character feel like just another old-fashioned gun slinger.

          The acting wasn't awfully great, but we would have loved seeing Sly and Arnold together anyway. But in the end, its just a fun movie that's worth the watch, especially while waiting for the blockbusters to start coming in soon.


Good: Decent action sequences, Good mix of humour

Bad: Straightforward plot, No drama, Disappointing finale

SCORE: 6.5

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