Monday 7 October 2013


Changing the scoring system...

          Based from feedbacks from my friend, I realize that the scores I put in my reviews are always high. While I admit that I did deliberately so for a couple of reasons, I also realize that its not good for audiences as it does not provide a proper reflection of how well the movie achieved.

          The system I will now apply is simply a proper 0 - 10 rating, as according to general movie reviewers, while putting myself in a position to give scores that genuinely reflect the movie in my views. For clarification of the scoring system, I will provide a simple reference below. 

          I have now decided to revise all movie scores I have published, and continue with this system for upcoming reviews. Hope this works well for all you readers. Do check out reviews and see if they now portray a better sense of the quality of movies, and I hope this will be better for future reviews. 

10: Special! Memorable! Legend!

8: Brilliant! Must watch!

6: Good. Enjoyable. Worth the price of admission.

4: Not Good. Too many flaws. 

2: Bad. Avoid watching it.

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