Thursday 10 October 2013


Predictable but emotionally satisfying...

          Cloudy 2 is a creative and entertaining sequel. However, it lacks in the story line and memorable scenes. Plot is predictable overall, with minor surprising twists as the spices. The visuals are great, and the story has emotional scenes that convey a moral message.

          The plot is predictable in the big picture, but has surprising minor twists that audiences may not realize. Though the villain of the movie is made aware to audiences from the beginning, the unfolding turn of events is pretty enjoyable, especially on the more emotional scenes when the gang realizes the truth about the world, which in my opinion, conveys a deep, emotional, moral message that, although simple, is a good note for children watching this movie.

          Movie-wise, the visuals are good, however there are no scenes that are memorable or fun to watch for. Simply put, there are no action scenes that could have made it more entertaining. The humour is good overall, but gets too repetitive (especially with the food references) and boring as it goes. Other humour are more child-targeted ones, which may still be laughable, but not great.

           In the end, Cloudy 2 is fun to watch, and certainly a good one for the families. Though it did not achieve as high as its predecessor, its still just fun to watch, and worth the price of admission.


Good: Great visuals, Emotionally satisfying, Good humour

Bad: No memorable scenes, Repetitive references

SCORE: 6.5

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