Thursday 10 October 2013


Fully immersive, but felt shallow at times...

          Gravity is a visual artwork at its best, and with some brilliant direction and unbelievable 3D effects, it is one of the most immersive movies of recent memories, as audiences are able to really feel like being in space. Amazing it may be, this masterpiece was not perfected with a strong plot & substance.

          Critics around the world have been giving this universally positive responses, and understandably so. This movie is able to make audiences feel as if they are really there. This is an outstanding feat, which I believe is because of director Alfonso Cuaron's amazing direction, with cameras spinning as if its floating, and the takes are longer extended shots, instead of short jumps from one angle to the other. And the graphics played no small part, as its stunning and flawless visuals provide the sense of really being in space.

          However, there are some drawbacks within this movie. One is which I have feared all along (and as I have mentioned in the preview post), is that the movie is not supported by a strong script. The movie was all about thrills and survival in space, but not based on a strong emotional plot. In between thrilling, dangerous sequences there are some quiet moments for the characters to tell their stories, but is not enough to grab the heart of audiences. Some moments felt emotional, but mostly they don't pull audiences to their level. I remember a scene where audiences laugh, when I realize it was supposed to be something dark & questionable. In fact, the more dramatic scenes I think was due to Bullock's brilliant acting instead. 

          This movie is indeed one of its kind, at least, for now. Yet it could be perfected with a strong script and substance. If it had been so, it would have been the perfect movie, and one which is not just an amazing thrill ride, but will remain in the heart of audiences for long. Though the case is not so, Cuaron have made his mark in the world of cinema, and will surely trigger something in the mind of other movie makers in the near future.


Good: Fully immersive experience, Great direction, Stunning visuals, Good 3D effects

Bad: Not supported by script & substance

SCORE: 7.5

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