Monday 4 November 2013


Touches of drama salvages what is an otherwise unamusing and uninteresting animation movie...

          With the likes of Cloudy, Despicable Me, and 'Disney' animations on the rise, this one stands no chance and is nowhere near the level of these animation movies. Even Turbo which lacks quality in many aspects, still manages to amuse in some ways. Free Birds is for the most part boring and cheesy, and lacks a good plot, apart from a slight touch of drama.

          The humour in this one is all too cheesy & childish. While undoubtedly targeted for little kids, what they should know, is that kids normally watch with their parents, and so there have to be something to show for them. While recent animation movies have been on the rise, and manages to drag not just the below 10 audiences, but even teenagers and adults as well, this one does not.

          The first half of the movie is unbelievably boring. With a very boring unfolding plot, and utterly unamusing humour & jokes, I kept looking at my watch, while regretting going to the cinema in the first place. The second half is slightly better, with touches of drama & even some thrills in the action, which made it just decently good to see, and saving me from the boredom I had experienced for the first 45 minutes or so.

          But in the end, this is still a boring & unamusing animation movie, with a predictable & weak plot, uninteresting characters, while only salvaged by the little touches of drama in the final moments of the film. Otherwise, this is a movie you may want to avoid for the time being.


Good: Touch of drama

Bad: Unamusing humour, Weak & predictable plot, Uninteresting characters, Boring first half

SCORE: 3.0