Saturday 9 November 2013


A satisfying science-fiction with solid characters & great visuals...

          Ender's Game is overall an enjoyable story following the character Ender in his pursuit of becoming a commander of a fleet. While the plot may be relatively straightforward, it is still fun to follow, with the addition of strong character developments & excellent visuals, that made this movie a rather satisfying piece of art.

          The trailers may be a bit deceiving as most of the movie is on Ender's progress in the battle school instead of the battle against the aliens. While the technology & setting of the school seems way too advanced, the basic story is very much grounded, reflecting typical issues such as friendship, competition, and even bullying. The story though is very much simple & straightforward, except for the finale where, without revealing anything, the story uncovers a great deal of mystery, while ending with a rather strong & unexpected conclusion.

          The visuals are excellent, giving the movie an extra dimension to the relatively simple plot. The character developments are good for audiences to be able to understand the characters. The finale feels grand in scale, despite it being fast & shallow. The soundtrack is amazing as well. However, the drama isn't really felt, while the humour is lacking, which otherwise might increase the value of watching it.

          It is a simple yet enjoyable movie to follow, with some great character moments, only lacking in the humour & drama which could have made it a great movie adaptation.


Good: Solid characters, Great visuals, Decent soundtrack, Good plot

Bad: Relatively simple plot, Lack of humour & drama

SCORE: 7.0 

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