Sunday 12 February 2017


               One of the better DC films in recent memory...though it is technically more of a Lego Movie than a DC movie. The film reminds me a bit of Deadpool in how it broke the fourth wall and references things in our real world. But even without doing so, the whole movie is really fun to watch and for an animation movie, it has some kick ass action sequences. The story is pretty solid, and overall it really is a very well done film.

               One of the best things about this film is really how it doesn't hold back. It breaks the fourth wall and makes fun of a lot of things (from movies in general to Batman in pop culture). It references a lot of things both within the DC Universe and outside of it. And yet it didn't overdo it. Sometimes these things can get out of control, but this film wasn't like that. There was just enough of Easter Eggs, and keeps the focus on the story most of the time.

                Which brings us to the story itself - which is pretty solid. Things get a bit messy and cluttered occasionally, but otherwise the plot is really good. It is not a dull & conventional plot, and that adds another layer to these characters that we follow. The motivation of the main characters is less of power & global domination, but is more of an emotional gap in the characters' lives. And that is really interesting.

                 And like I mentioned, this film really has amazing action sequences. I really enjoyed them, and they are coupled with a pretty cool score/music. The opening sequence (10 minutes or so) is one of the most memorable opening sequence I've seen in recent memory.

                To be perfectly honest, I struggle to find some negatives in this film. It probably isn't a supremely memorable film that would rank among the best of all time, but it remains a super fun watch and a very good animation movie overall.

VERDICT: 85 / 100

             An easy recommended...

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