Saturday 18 February 2017

Looking Forward: MARCH 2017

March is super packed!

Logan (Mar 3-USA, Mar 1-UK, Mar 2-Singapore)

             Easily the movie I'm looking forward to most in the first half of 2017. While Hugh Jackman's last outing as Wolverine is undoubtedly a selling point, it is not the main reason why I am super looking forward to this. It is in fact because this doesn't look like a typical superhero flick. You just need to watch the trailers (and I do implore you to do so) to see that this is more like a small character piece than a comic book blockbuster. It really feels like a Western film which apparently has Wolverine in it. And the fact that a small Western flick can tell a story of Marvel's (arguably) most famous superhero makes it super interesting. All the things I've seen & heard about this movie has only make me like it more and more, and really, you should watch both of the trailers for this film. They are really good!!

(Must Watch!!!) (Trailer #1)
(Must Watch!!) (Trailer #2)

Kong: Skull Island (Mar 10-USA, Mar 10-UK, Mar 9-Singapore)

                 Initially I had a few concerns or qualms (including about the look of Kong, though I'm quite over it now), and now I am very much interested to see this film. I am not too excited about this film as I thought I would've, and the trailers perhaps just didn't do quite enough to sell me. I feel like the story might be predictable (at least, on the surface) and this film didn't seem like its offering anything different, so there's no high selling point for me. But it seems like a decent action blockbuster, and it does have an amazing cast, so I am still quite interested for this film. I just hope this film isn't focusing too much to setup the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong movie, and instead focuses to be a good piece of story on its own.

Trailers: (Comic-Con Trailer) (Trailer #2)

Beauty and the Beast (Mar 17-USA, Mar 17-UK, Mar 16-Singapore)

                  Firstly, I just want to say that I am not a big supporter of the idea of turning all the Disney classic animations into live-action. Some things are better left in the animation world, especially when they're as good as these are. That being said, I completely adored the Disney live-action films Cinderella & Maleficent (both are in my Top 10 films of their respective years), and I thought that The Jungle Book was really good as well. So of course, I won't be betting against Beauty and the Beast. All I needed to say is that I'm not the biggest fan of the notion of live-action adaptation of animations. But this is really a film I'm looking forward to see and I do hope it is as good as their previous live-action adaptations.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Power Rangers (Mar 24-USA, Mar 23-UK, Mar 23-Singapore)

                   I want to firstly put the word out that I am not a Power Rangers fan at all - I think they are rather cheesy. No disrespect at all for you fans of the franchise - you all have your reasons for it, as I do have with my Star Wars. And as we should be, I'm completely okay with people not liking Star Wars. So anyway, I just want to put it out there that I am not a Power Rangers fan at all, so that you can understand my background about this property.
                   Now, after seeing the trailer for this film...well, unfortunately, my feelings didn't change one bit. I still think they look & sound cheesy, and the teenagers that are to be the Rangers doesn't interest me at all. Even Bryan Cranston (and I can't believe I'm saying this) doesn't increase my level of intrigue. The only thing I like is the look of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. The trailers of the film didn't manage to sell me. Again, no disrespect to the fans out there - and who knows, my opinions might change if the movie really is good - but for now, I am not too keen on this movie.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1)

Ghost in the Shell (Mar 31-USA, Mar 31-UK, Mar 30-Singapore)

                 This is a film that almost slipped my radar. I didn't even know that this movie is based on a Japanese Manga. After seeing the trailer and what people say about this film, I probably will be curious to check it out, although I'm not exactly excited to see it or anything. And if you are asking me about the casting of Scarlett Johansson, my answer is as always. The race/nationality of the actor is never a bother to me as long as he/she is a perfect fit for the role/character, and can do the character justice.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Other Movies:

                 One of the other films which I would have been quite looking forward to (had I not had a personal dislike of the horror genre) is The Belko Experiment (, out on March 17th. It is a horror-thriller with a very intriguing plot where the people inside are forced to kill. And these kind of movies are always very interesting in how the story pans out. The fact that James Gunn wrote the film made it so much more promising.
                  Releasing on March 24th, Life ( is also another film that looks very intriguing. However, it has a similar feel to the Alien movies, so I'm not quite sure what else this film can offer. But it has potential to be quite a good film, so we'll see how it is.
                Meanwhile, if you are looking just some pure comedy, Wilson ( is out on March 3rd, while CHiPs (, a buddy cop comedy, is out on March 24th.

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