Sunday 19 February 2017


           I recently watched the first John Wick movie again, and I realize now I may have misjudged it back then. It is not as bad as I remembered it to be. But I still think it is not particularly good as the story is too simplistic, too narrow & has minimal character development. This sequel fixes that.

            All the best things about the first film can still be found here. And one of the very first thing that has to come to mind are the super cool Gun Fu action sequences. It is one of the reasons why the first John Wick movie is quite a surprise hit, and why (for me) it is still an acceptable film. And so while this is no longer a surprise aspect in the sequel, it still doesn't make it any less entertaining. And Keanu Reeves is still as cool as can be, and I can't imagine anyone else pulling off the character.

               Meanwhile, in this second film, they really build upon the lore and the world. They really explored the Continental Hotel and a lot of about other assassins and how they work, etc. The world really is expanded in this film, and we get to see all the connections that John Wick has and his background in the assassin business. My favourite scene/sequence in the film was in fact an intercutting sequence where John Wick is preparing for his mission. That was pretty cool.

              The story in this film is still rather simplistic, but at least everything is still very fun to watch. John Wick is just so cool, that it is always very fun to see what he does and the way he fights. The accompanying music is also very exciting. And the ending is really quite good for me, and I really do hope to see more of these movies.

              The first John Wick movie has the stunning action sequences, but I still maintain my opinion that it has a very weak plot. This film improves upon that and makes it a very cool action movie with decent story & characters and an expanded world.

VERDICT: 76 / 100

             Highly recommended for anyone & everyone who wants to see a kick-ass action flick....

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