Monday 31 August 2015


"Okay, I'm positive that you will get lost in there"

Note: This film has only recently came out in my country...hence the late review...

          I am in total shock as to how good this particular animation flick is. I can't help it. This film is great in almost every way, and is thoroughly heartful and perfectly executed. There is already a certain awe and pleasure in seeing how the actions that these "emotions" - AKA "Joy and friends", which is how I like to refer to them - corresponds to what is happening to the person in real life. Better yet, the whole film works in a very interesting & relatable way to create an emotional adventure for Joy and friends that reflects Riley's life every step of the way.

          As I've always said, there is a particular area of creative themes that animation films can tackle (such as talking cars, interactive arcade game characters, living toys, etc) that live-action films can't. This is something that excites me with animation films. Inside Out is a very great (and successful) example of that. Every step of the way (every minute of the film) - even from the introduction of these "emotions" - the things that Joy and friends do...accurately reflects a genuine & believable act/behaviour with the human character Riley. From minute one until the end, I am always hooked in to see how one world (mind) corresponds to the other (real life). And there's a certain awe in just seeing these things reflect one another, because not only is this a very creative & fresh theme, but Inside Out executed it brilliantly. Every other minute, I would go "Oh, I see" or "So, that's what happens". Hats off to the writers!!!

          The paragraph above should already make it sound like a film worth watching. But Inside Out is much more than that. There's a lot of heartful drama, and a lot of fun humour, too. And the plot is quite the opposite of generic...I couldn't even guess where the film is headed. To make both worlds (real life & mind) correspond to one another in a very interesting & exciting way is already a very positive aspect - one that I can't give enough credit for. Furthermore, even the characters of Joy and the other emotions themselves have specific personalities of their own...and together they become a team with interesting chemistry & dialogues. (Some films find it hard to do this...*wink at Fantastic Four*). And I say again, there's some very fun humour in the midst of this emotional roller coaster, and more importantly, a strong heartful drama within the plot.

          The partial successes of this film would already make for an interesting & exciting film to see. But Inside Out is the sum total of it all. Creative theme, heartful plot, interesting characters, and all the while executing a story of two worlds (that I can never thought of) brilliantly and intelligently. For a lot of you, this film may no longer be in theatres, but for those of you in countries where it still is (like Indonesia or Singapore), I personally urge you to see this film, because it is amazing. Others...wait for the blu-ray or something to come out, and then check it out one way or another. It is an absolutely stunning animation blockbuster that is still leaving me breathless in awe as I wrote this. Best film of the year so far!

SCORE: 9.5

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